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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. 2 weeks left to submit your votes! That’s 2 songs to rate a day (ddddddd) so I know y’all can do it.

    And I’ll be DMing your asses personally starting tomorrow I’m sure.

    Xo AEDB222D-FF7A-45F4-92F7-287E1FEB14E3.gif
  2. So many bops! But I'm very sure of my 11.
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  3. Okay I will take part in my first rate. I'll attempt to get mine sent before the weekend (if I remember).

    Just need to try and resist giving Who Do You Think Of? My 11
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  4. 200_d.gif
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  5. One cold lonely night back in August last year, I read the entire M.O thread, and through tears of laughter (and incredulity) somehow managed to purchase half of their discography on iTunes.

    Seeing as they scammed me of both coin and sanity back then, have they scammed me into participating in this too?

    Consider me signed up.

    Can’t wait for my new diet of Chanal draggings.
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  6. Just don't let Annie scam you into her workout classes. dddd

    Glad you'll be participating! I'll shoot you a DM!
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  7. Interesting...

    Based on the scores submitted so far...

    Every user has awarded their 11 to a different track.

  8. I legit don't know what I'm going to choose but I have 3 contenders:

    Wait Your Turn
    Dance On My Own
    Not In Love
  9. So it's come to my attention thanks to @2014 that I'm a dumb twat. I remember in the M.O. thread around the time I was mentioning I wanted to run a rate that this collab that was never released on streaming platforms should be included in the rate. I meant to include it. And then I forgot. But we should absolutely include it considering it's 1 additional song and there ain't that much in the way of songs when it comes to these girls. So ladies, please include Just Another Face to your rate. Tack it on to the bottom of your list if you've already started, and I've edited the OP so you can easily copy and paste.

    If you've already submitted your scores, please just shoot me an additional PM with your score for this track, and I'll hound everyone a couple days before the rate begins if you forget.

    Peace and blessings.
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  10. Which song is On And On by M.O?

    I could only find this, by the other M.O:

    I couldn't find these songs on iTunes either:
    Just Another Face (with Hardsoul & Dirty Freek)
    Running (with USG)
  11. On And On is an Ain’t Got Time B-Side. It can found on the Ain’t Got Time Remixes EP.

    Running is not on Apple Music but it is linked on the Spotify playlist on the first post.

    Just Another Face is only available on YouTube and is linked in the first post.

    Hope that helps!
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  12. Thank you. I'm missing those songs on my iTunes Library, gonna buy and/or rip them!
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    My power <3
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  14. Now don't let me down.

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  15. For your consideration

  16. All I see are 11s.
  17. Am I on time to join? nn
  18. Yes! Check the first post, but voting lasts until Feb 8th! Plenty of time! <3
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  19. It seems Miss Annie Ashcroft got word about how short the M.O rate is.. so they're throwing out another bop

    Attached Files:

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  20. They have 2 weeks. They'd better hurry up.
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