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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. I will ABSOLUTELY force add any new releases if they come out by Feb 8th. But it’s just not realistic ddddd.
  2. Some fun stats to keep y'all thirsty and entertained and remind the girlies you have just over 10 days to submit your rates:

    Thus far:
    - 6 different songs have received 11s
    - 19 out of 29 songs have received 10s
    - 7 out of 29 songs have received a 2 or lower
    - 4 different songs have been in 1st place based on averages
    - 2 different songs have been in 29th place based on averages

    But how will things end up?! ;-)
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  3. Please nag me to do this until the end if I don't send in my scores. I really want to participate and have been listening to M.O alot lately.
  4. Oh you know I will!
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  5. I suppose I don't mind bumping/double posting my own page, but--

    Reminder you have until Monday, February 8th, at 8 AM EST (I extended 8 hours because let's be real, if you send them Sunday night into Monday morning when I'm sleeping, of course I'll accept them) to submit your ballots! And to share with you a few stats:

    The current average of all songs is 7.662
    The current average of all Frankee songs is 7.662
    The current average of all Chanal songs is 7.661

    That means that, based on the votes thus far, their musical output did not suffer with the lineup change. Of course, individual user votes say differently.

    The highest rated Frankee song currently has a 9.994 average
    The highest rated Chanal song currently has a 9.167 average

    But who will take the crown?

    We'll find out soon...
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  6. Oop not Frankee and Chanal competing for crowns now.
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  7. The averages being so close is homophobic. kii
  8. Just like Chanal!
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  9. That was the reference *eyes emoji*
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    My scores are in!

    My averages:
    M.O. with Frankee 7.661764706
    M.O. with Chanal 5.708333333


    Excited for the results!
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  11. I'm gonna need y'all to share the tea about these girls because I'm clueless. All I know is one of them ran over a cyclist and was sent to prison because of that (because it's the second result that shows up on Google when you search "mo girl group", mess).
  12. A brief history is in the original post, but essentially, at what was kind of the height of their career, one of the girls (Frankee the curly haired legend) left the group kind of quietly to focus on her mental health. The other two girls remain friends with her (they often like each other’s posts on IG, and were all recently seen together at a producers’ funeral to whom they had worked with.)

    The group added Chanal, and it was kind of a mess from the beginning. They definitely provided bops a plenty still, but Chanal’s attitude didn’t sit well with the fans oftentimes. She would get a bit ignorant in DMs when fans would call her/the group out, she often has pretty ignorant opinions about things, including some mild, thinly veiled homophobia. I have an IG story saved on my computer that I’ll probably post at some point in the rate ddd.

    The kiii of it all is their yearly Pride performance was sometimes their only for sure booking each year, so to have one of their members kind of randomly flippant about LGBTQ+ stuff wasn’t it. Especially since the other two girls have always been super vocally supportive and thankful for their gay following.
  13. Thank you! I always make sure to read the opening post in rates, but for some reason I didn't on this one, maybe because the first time I opened the thread I just wanted to see what it was about and wasn't actually planning on participating, and then I just forgot about it. I just went back and read it now. I... hadn't realised one of the members was half of Mini Viva

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  14. At this time next week your ballots will no longer be accepted! Unless I decide to make a cute little extension. Don’t make it! Be sure to get those ballots and support M.O. Supremacy.
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  15. I have all my scores ready, but I'm still thinking about which track to give my 11 to... damn, they're good.

    As of right now, their averages are:

    With Frankee

    With Chanal

    I have to admit that I was never a huge fan of their Good Friends EP, so that definitely brought the Frankee songs average a bit down, but the quality output is so high overall. They deserved much more success.
  16. Some changes since our last updates

    Thus far:
    - 8 different songs have received 11s
    - 5 different songs have received multiple 11s
    - 21 out of 29 songs have received 10s
    - 7 out of 29 songs have received a 2 or lower
    - 4 different songs have been in 1st place based on averages
    - 2 different songs have been in 29th place based on averages

    Current Song Averages:
    AVERAGE: 7.578

    Be sure to get those ballots in by next Monday at 8am! I would love nothing more than to double our current participant list! Might be wishful thinking, but if M.O. can struggle bus a career for a decade and hobble off a couple extra singles at the end of your flailing career, I can hobble together a few more queens to rate 29 songs.
  17. I'm nearly done with my scores... think that Chanal average is about to drop oop.
  18. I just submitted, and actually found it way more difficult than I thought it would be.

    The back end of the Frankee era really seemed to drag and in retrospect I actually enjoyed a lot more of the basic Spotify-bait afrobeat stuff from the Chanal era more than I remembered – and maybe all the drama at the time tainted my enjoyment of it back then. I'm curious to see the final results!
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  19. Can somebody post their videography here (feat. every YouTube video) so that it can help the lazy ones like me, please?
  20. LOL.

    Only because I’ve already collected all the links for the rates purposes. I’ll post em soon.
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