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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Work has been driving me crazy this week so far - but I am almost halfway through so you'll get my votes by deadline for sure!
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  2. The way they had such strong 10s. Hot is still so iconic. Just stacked for hits despite no album.
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  3. Just submitted. What a discography.
  4. Had a nice batch of new ballots to wake up to. Love that for us!

    For @rubirubi et anyone who is interested: here are the Chanal era music videos.

    Bad Vibe (with Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi)

    Wondering (with Chip)

    Choose Sides (feat. AJ Tracey)

    Ex At The Party

    Going Out Of My Way (feat. Mr Eazi)

    With You (with DUSK)
    Feelings (Wifey) (feat. Yungen and Crazy Cousinz)
    Pon Me (with GRM Daily, Sneakbo, and Abra Cadabra)
  5. Thank you, @boombazookajoe!

    I'm still trying to get "Running" by USG & M.O. I don't use Spotify and it seems it can't be found anywhere... It's the only song I'm missing to rate the whole discography.
  6. It's another toughie to find. It's on Spotify but it's not on Apple Music to my knowledge. Here's a link for you.
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  7. I think the Chanal era is going to have a higher average from me, despite my 11 going to a Frankee song. I just prefer the later sound I guess, although there are some absolute bops in the first batch of songs.
  8. Yep, I agree.

    But it isn't about Frankee VS Chanal, it's about the music of the band. Anyway, I hope they can come back with Annie, Frankee and Chanal in case Nadine doesn't want to come back...
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  9. Y'all -- the deadline is drawing near!


    Don't promote hoM.O.phobia and forgot to submit your ballots.


    So how about some new stats to keep you wenches quenched:

    Thus far:
    - 9 different songs have received 11s
    - 6 different songs have received multiple 11s
    - 21 out of 29 songs have received 10s
    - 7 out of 29 songs have received a 2 or lower
    - 4 different songs have been in 1st place based on averages
    - 2 different songs have been in 29th place based on averages

    Current Song Averages:
    AVERAGE: 7.461
    FRANKEE AVERAGE: 7.540 (down from 7.605)
    CHANAL AVERAGE: 7.313 (down from 7.526)

    Looks like we've had some harsher scores of late, and lots of things have changed. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    (Voting Deadline Monday, 2/8 at 8AM EST)
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  10. LOL. I’m a full on dumb bitch. It’s Thursday. Not Friday.

    So you really have 96 hours / 4 day.

  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    "You Don't Know Me Like That" has been the biggest re-discovery of the rate for me. I didn't use the Good Friends EP (and I still don't nn) but that one has really stuck out to me in a good way.

    I came to party (you don't know me like that)
    All my girls are with me (you don't know me like that)
    Don't be grabbing up on me (boy you don't know me like that)
    You don't know me, yeah, no you don't know me like that

  12. Doing this right now. They definitely brought the bops. Whew.
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  13. Just listened to all 29 songs:

    Frankee Years = 6.5
    Chanal Years = 8.8
    Extras = 5.0

    The first EP really dragged down the Frankee years average, I only enjoy Aint Got Time (a bop) from that output. It also has my least favourite song by them (Come Let Me Show You). One of the Chanal songs got my 11.
  14. Submitted. I hated the Good Friends EP when it came out and Love the Most was the only thing I ever revisited but listening back to it, I kind of love it all.

    My averages (including features):
    Frankee: 7.76
    Chanal: 5.35 ddddd

    To be fair, I do love pretty much all of the tracks they released with Chanal but some of the features they did during that time dragged that average wayyy down.
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  15. I've finished scoring everything but my averages are looking a little @saviodxl dddd Let me listen once more to see if I can raise some of them! Dddd
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  16. We love suggestions to friends!
    I encourage you to relisten to Come Let Me Show You and On & On because I personally think those ones are being done dirty.
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  17. Now seeing this makes me realise I was quite overly generous with my lowest rated tracks.
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  18. Can't wait to see which songs ya'll had the audacity to 0.
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