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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. And the first to depart...


    29. Pon Me (with GRM Daily, Sneakbo, and Abra Cadabra)
    average: 4.9356

    Peak Placement: #27 || Valley Placement: #29

    High Scores:
    8.6 - @FINISH LINE
    8.5 - @slaybellz
    8 - @Crisp X @MusicalMelody @SiduousIII @Subspace88
    Low Scores:
    2 - @Doodvid @Murdoch @RUNAWAY @Scaper
    1.5 - @berserkboi
    0 - @Utopia @Verandi
    Boombazookajoe Score: 2

    Well this is a bit of a stinker, huh? In a song that is 3:04 long, having the girls not enter until 1:45 in was certainly a choice. The M.O. ladies join Abra Cadabra and reunite with Sneakbo (who was first used on the much superior “For A Minute” Remix) on this hazy, lazy dirge of a song that says little more than “Hey I know you have a boyfriend but let’s smoke and fuck,” over...and over...and over. The song finds its’ footing a little bit when the girls join in. Even on the most banal material, the ladies usually shine because of their voices and charisma. But ladies the material....Their verse amounts to little more than some Dr. Suessian “let’s smoke over here, let’s smoke over there, let’s smoke in the sky, let’s smoke on the ground, let’s smoke in a tree, let’s smoke all around” nonsense. It’s pretty embarrassing. Even if it worked for @Runawaywithme, who now wants to smoke with M.O.

    @OspreyQueen lamented that the song made her wish more girl acts could break into the very male dominated R&B/Rap world in the UK. As they so plainly put it: “There’s only so many times I can listen to “she suck on my willy it’s quite delightful”. But on a positive note, Spotify auto-payed “Call My Name” by Cheryl for @Doodvid when this song was over, so all is not lost.

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  2. Just before I submitted my scores I thought maybe 0 was too harsh for this so I relistened. It wasn’t. Truly awful.
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I gave this a 4, which is my joint lowest score.

    @boombazookajoe, are you not using all the commentary? Because mine isn’t there.
  4. Surely they’ll just select the most fitting commentary for each track? This is the first rate my unorganised ass has participated in, so I’m not sure of the norms...

    Happy my (joint) lowest scoring one is booted out first!
  5. My lowest score leaving first? Amazing.

    Also I'm kinda shocked at how many of us partecipated in this rate. #succe$$ etc
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  6. Neither is mine.
  7. Happy to answer! In participating in a handful and reading through a bunch of different rates, I thought it would be more interesting and fun to use the commentary and critiques as part of the write-ups, as opposed to "here's my write up, and here's a list of all the comments below." It was always my intention to use a smattering of the comments to bulk up the write-ups and provide context to my own words, which in retrospect might sound a bit oppositional to the below comment:
    ...dddd but I honestly didn't think a) I would have as many people participate and b) have as many people who participated provide so much commentary, both short and quippy, and extensive and thoughtful. I probably should have written "Please feel free to provide commentary to as many or as few songs as you would like and I will use a smattering of them to spice up the write-ups!" But I didn't ... #firstrateproblems

    Anyway, I want to respect the fact that y'all contributed to this rate and took the time beyond just scoring to share your thoughts on the songs. I'll be doing better in future write ups to include all commentary. It may not be a word-for-word copy/paste job, but if you spoke on the song, I will do my damndest to be sure you're included!​
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  8. 28.png
    28. Running (with USG)
    average: 4.9689

    Peak Placement: #27 || Valley Placement: #29

    High Scores:
    10 - @soratami 8 - @Phonetics Girl
    7.5 - @OspreyQueen

    Low Scores:
    2 -@Butterfly @lushLuck
    1 - @Redout @Scaper
    Boombazookajoe Score: 1

    @londonrain summed this up perfectly: “This is destined for an early exit, surely?” @Scaper summed it up even more perfectly: “No.” I appreciate that, as a collective, we rallied around defeating this evil early. Where to even begin? Running was released in 2014 as part of an EP from USG Entertainment, an independent urban recording label from the UK. USG stands for Untouchable Street Generals, and they are right about something. This song is untouchable. Like, I don’t want to touch it.

    Most of y’all agreed. @Crisp X said “it doesn’t really go anywhere.” @lushLuck called it a “rare misfire” and “absolutely useless.” @OspreyQueen complimented the vocals but said it felt “unfinished.” The repeated “Runnin Runnin” reminded @londonrain of the intro to Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started.”

    For those that did have anything kind to say about it, it was solely about Nadine’s vocals in the bridge, which was about as much M.O. as we got. I … think I heard Annie and Frankee on some harmonies, but that’s it. @Runawaywithme enjoyed this bop they heard for the first time, but is bummed “they never got to be hook girls on an actual hit (that wasn’t their own single dddd).” The kii of it all is @soratami, new to the M.O. ladies, scored this one a 10. So maybe it’s a case of fans not appreciating this diversion from their usual sound? I tend to think not.

    This track is also extremely difficult to find. It doesn’t show up on YouTube without significant scrolling down the first page. It’s not on Apple Music either. It likely hasn’t been listened to in ages except for the purpose of this rate, and it likely won’t be listened to much after this rate is over.

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  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Not our first two eliminations being songs that never left the bottom three during the voting period. Sometimes the forum collective agrees on something.

    Kind of shocked @soratami gave Running a 10 given how much of the song is made up of male (rap) vocals.
  10. [​IMG]

    I found 'Running' interesting in the sense that it represented a sort of very weird pre-streaming flux period in UK music where artists hadn't really fully leaned into rap, grime, afrobeats, etc. yet and were still trying things out. And M.O were clearly figuring themselves out too. Otherwise: I never want to hear it again.
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  11. My two lowest scorers are gone

  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    On Ya, Feelings (Wifey) and Come Let Me Show You next, please x
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  13. I've already mentioned why I gave it such a high score dd

  14. I think the fuck not.gif
  15. I... really like Pon Me, but I do realize it's just not an M.O song, they're barely there, but their verse is lovely and their harmonies elevate the song. Chanal does shine in tracks like this.
  16. Pon Me is better than Running IMO but both deserved early exits.
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  17. PJ doesn't like Grime shocker... Running deserved to be one of the first ones out but Pon Me is actually good. But I get something had to leave first.

    With You needs to go next.
  18. So far nothing of value was lost.
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  19. I stan all of these.

  20. It's a bop. Haters stay without feelings and divorced!
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