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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Yeah they should just record tracks and then she can come out and lay down vocals to tracks that are more or less finished.
  2. Nadine must be getting out soon?
  3. I can’t imagine Nadine going straight back into the band and back on stage as soon as she gets out. I imagine there will be a lot of family time and probably counselling before she even thinks of going back to work.
  4. Nadine is in jail? How long will she be there?

    They should call Frankee as a temporary replacement.
  5. Agreed, I just wondered when she's being released. It can't be too much longer?
  6. She was sentenced to 8 months at the end of November. So she’s not even served half the sentenced yet.
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  7. She'll be out before the end of her sentence, guaranteed.
  8. They're the modern day Sugababes with rotating members.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I also highly doubt once she is released she'll rush straight to the studio. Get a grip people!
  10. I am listening to Preach. What a bop.
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  11. She should do whatever she likes? If it’s staying at home for months or gig the next day, she’ll know what to do.
  12. Literally no one suggested she would go straight back to work, I'm not getting where the sudden vitriol came from.
    Different strokes for different folks. Maybe she needs time before she feels she's ready, maybe she's the kind of person who throws themselves into work. It's her world.
  13. Thank you. I think I may have inadvertently kicked it off by asking when Nadine was due to be released, but there was literally no subtext to my question. All I know is that she'll likely serve half her sentence, as is the norm in the UK, so she'll probably be out very shortly. What happens next is a separate issue.
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  14. They’ve had one line up change in seven years.
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  15. My reply had no “vitriol” in it - it was just a reply.
  16. It wasn’t you I was referring to
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  17. I would actually class Who Do You Think Of? as one of the best girl group singles of all time.
  18. Remember when people thought that girl from Neon Jungle was going to be Frankee's replacement? Good times.
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  19. I would agree. WDYTO and Preach should belong to the biggest girl group in the world they are so good. M.O. have consistently delivered material far beyond what could be expected considering the history, budget, etc. I wish them so much success.
  20. Not sure it means anything but Nadine's instagram profile is back. It's on private but it's there. It had been deleted around the time she was sentenced.
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