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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. AJ Tracey is better than Chip and Lotto Boyz at least. He's probably one of the best rappers they could have got.
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  2. I like Chanal's new wig. She must have a whole ass closet for them.
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  3. Choose Sides or Chooses Sides? I do love me some AJ Tracey, though. Psyched.
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  4. Is that person in the background of the cover supposed to be there..
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  5. Yay!
    Bring us another bop, ladies.
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  6. I want a female rap feature for them on some big girl power/the boy is mine bop.
  7. Okay but AJ Tracey is an actual legend with an incredible album (plus he drags the tories all the time regarding Grenfell, Syria air strikes etc). This is by far their biggest feature.

    I wonder if this will be a grimier single or something more rhythmic? Either way they must have faith in it to put him on him.

    Get into his bops tbh.

  8. Nadine posted on Instagram that the song is out next Friday
  9. M.O ft. Stefflon Don is just asking to happen, but I'd happily take a Little Simz, Nadia Rose or Lady Leshurr collab.
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  10. A mixtape with a bunch of amazing British females is absolutely there for the taking at the moment.
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  11. As much as I love them and think it's great they got AJ on board, it doesn't really do much to improve their chances of getting a hit. They're with GRM Daily and mostly everyone under that management (Yungen, Ramz, Not3s, Yxng Bane, J Hus etc) usually do well on Spotify, get added to the big playlists and rack up alot of streams but most of them just enter the top 40 for a week or hang around the bottom end of the charts. 'Bad Vibe' happened to catch on but it's literally just down to the song being good enough.
  12. Song premieres at 4pm on Thursday.
  13. Hopefully it’s out worldwide this week too! The original version of Wondering still isn’t available to purchase or stream in Canada.
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  14. This is cute:

    The complete Frankee erasure not so much.
  15. I'm cackling that they did absolutely everything they could to find shots without Frankee in ddd. Who decided to suddenly pretend she didn't exist?
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The fact it makes them just look like a duo because they haven't done a video since Chanal joined dddd
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  17. There's literally three videos in it with Chanal.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    With Chanal barely featuring in the snippets they chose.
  19. I think it’s more sad that Dance On My Own is included and that song was released in 2014 and we are no closer to an album now then we were then.
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  20. Okay but you said...nevermind.
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