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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Also, not including Preach in that montage was homophobic.
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  2. Watching that montage it's so easy to tell what was a hit and what wasn't. The drop in quality between Who Do You Think Of?/Bad Vibe and Feelings/Wondering is so noticeable.
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  3. Not Preach their second best song being discarded
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  4. Not them snatching 34th (Bad Vibe) and 54th (WDYTO) spots on the most successful girl group songs of all time.

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  5. But don't do Wondering like that, it's a bawp.
  6. Especially this remix:
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  7. (Of the last 25 years)
  8. It’s ... okay?
  9. It's cute, less of an in your face bop than Bad Vibe & Wondering though.
    Hopefully it does well.
  10. They're on Instagram live now taking questions.
  11. I like it and I’m happy with the rap part too but it’s in such a weird place in the song?
  12. This is cute...for an album track. Not necessarily the big comeback they need, but I'm so happy to have them back.
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  13. Really liking the bass on this, solid hook too. Some of the verses are just ok though. Very chill and does feel kind of album track-y.
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  14. Oops!
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  15. Credit where credit’s due, Chanal sounds great on her verse in this.
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  16. Cute bop, and I could see it doing well if they get on the right summer playlists. It's nothing revolutionary, but I'll use it.
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  17. What's the logic in releasing it on a Thursday afternoon? I know they're not big names but surely you'd want it out on a Friday anyway? As far as the song goes it's "okay" just like most of their stuff. Pretty faceless, generic and would fit nicely about 20 places down a summer/urban playlist.

    Hope it's added to New Music Friday tomorrow.
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