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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Cute bop. It’s nothing amazing, but to be honest I’m just relieved they’re still here making music.
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  2. I quite like this, I prefer it to Wondering already after only one listen. They do often feel like features on their own songs though.

    Also, Chanal looking like a storm trooper throughout the video.....
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  3. Alright it's time for them to try something new. It's not bad, but all their songs are starting to sound the same.
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  4. I'd actually love this if there was no rap? it's really good. The rap ruins it for me (he's really hot though).

    Also, Chanal's outfit... what the hell girl. And Annie remains the best member.
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  5. Ddd I actually loved Chanal's outfit, in fact I was trying to look for those thunderbold track pants.
  6. I think I haven't rooted so hard for a girlband to make it since G.R.L.
  7. They played a new song on their Instagram live before and said it would be from an EP (if it ever gets releases this time).
    I recorded the snippet, not sure why the first couple seconds cut out but here.
    I think it’s called Party With An Ex?

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  8. Remember “Man Enuff”. Whew a song.
  9. Okay this is already growing on me. It's definitely a bop.

    So low on New Music Friday though.
  10. Remember "Ani't Got Time" that's still such a nice summery bop. I want another song like that.
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  11. Bad Vibes aside, I still love their old stuff the most. In an alternate reality, Wait Your Turn is a smash.
  12. I did love the sound they were cultivating with Who Do You Think Of/Not In Love/Man Enuff but their newer stuff is still great. I hope this does something for them.
  13. This definitely gets better with each listen.
    The rap would be a lot better being omitted as a middle 8, though.
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  14. I would like a single that isn't reliant on a feature.
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  15. They're in a weird position though because they're a girl group and they're typically "uncool" and unlikely to get support. They could try and go pure pop again and push for a hit like Who Do You Think Of? (which they'd probably need a bigger budget for and would have to abandon GRM Daily who have supported them for a while now) or they can stay where they are and keep doing the urban stuff with rap features and hope that something will take off.

    Ramz released his new video at the same time and he's got double the views M.O have and he's a one hit wonder. Every week in the top 40 we get random songs from GRM charting based on streams and YouTube but M.O as a girl group just won't attract the same buzz as the rappers do. Their live stream on Instagram the other day only had about 100 people watching it even though they've been around for years and had two big singles.
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  16. Okay this sounds amazing!! And it's not another island beat, let's celebrate that.
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  17. Not Jessie Ware looks stunning in that video.
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  18. That new song sounds amazing and more in line with their old stuff (a good thing).
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  19. This is ... depressing yet true.
    I really hope they get another hit with this.
  20. I'm still waiting for a single as good as Wait Your Turn, Preach and Ain't Got Time.
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