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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    this is how I discovered them. ugh memories
  2. As much I have warmed to Chanal, rewatching the WDYTO? video reminded me how perfect the original line-up were together.
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  3. Preach and Who Do You Think Of are the tracks I’ll take from the group.
  4. I think the first song I heard from them was For A Minute, checked out their other stuff and fell in love with Wait Your Turn. I've been a fan ever since.
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  5. MB


    I just wish Frankee was still in the group. I can't warm Chantel.
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  6. Frankee was lovely but she really lacked any sort of charisma. She was dead behind the eyes for most of their time together and was clearly not enjoying it.

    It took me a while to warm to Chanal but now I’ve gotten to know her and understand her a bit, I think she slots in perfectly.
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  7. I did have a soft spot for Frankee but I'm warming to Chanal. I just miss Frankee's hair.
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  8. Let's be honest, this is what we're all thinking.
  9. The fact that Frankee didn’t have such an ‘in your face’ personality but was still super endearing was what I liked so much about her.
    and yes her hair was amazing
    and I lived for the drama with Britt
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  10. I loved Frankee but I think in terms of them being a relevant girl band, Chanel just feels very now and a bit more streetwise. She's definitely helped the band fit really seamlessly into this GRM Daily/streaming area they've been going for.
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  11. Choose Sides has grown on me so much, I’m really bopping to it now. Also completely on board with Chanal, her verse is the best part of the song.
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  12. No idea what happened at the end but they all sound amazing here.

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  13. Chanal is great and also a hoot. She's a gorgeous girl and adds a brand new, much needed flavour to the band. She's also humble about having the whole experience.
  14. Choose Sides is a giant bop.
  15. How can Nadine literally nail every single note? But also, I don't like how she sings over Chanal's verse the same way she used to do with Frankee. I mean, I guess they talked about it before obvs but I'd like to hear them individually. Also I miss the harmonies. But they sound great overall. Thanks for attending my ted talk.
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  16. I'm loving 'Wondering' these days. That weird breakdown used to drive me insane and ruin the song but now I actually think it's quite pleasant and quirky.

    'Choose Sides' is a bop but ugh, they need to hop on to someone else's track and get another smash hit please.
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  17. That ending is adorable. Also, Nadine has the perfect voice for pop. I would love to hear her feature on a Jax Jones or SG Lewis track.
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  18. Choose Sides is a delight.
  19. Chanal killed that.
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