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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. I don’t have any issues with Chantal, I’m just waiting for this trio to release a song as good as WDYTO, Preach, Not In Love, Hell even Too Good.
  2. I’ve missed their acoustic moments! I have a playlist of like 30 of them in my iTunes.
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  3. ??????

    I'm worried things mightn't last much longer for M.O. I hope I'm wrong, but it's looking like they've been blacklisted by a lot of UK media after the industry caught wind of Nadine's prison sentence.

    Wondering got Spotify support, but radio completely ignored it despite being released after their biggest hit. Not even Radio1xtra supported the track, and they'd been supporting M.O's buzz tracks from the early days.

    Now they've linked up with one of the hottest UK rappers for a certified banger, but haven't been played on 1xtra since the day of release, while the song isn't on a single Spotify curated playlist.

    I'm surprised since the Nadine accident didn't get an awful lot of press coverage and it's not as if men don't get playlisted on radio after dealing with the law, but something definitely seems sus.
  4. Does seem that way.
    It's really unfair, men constantly make active decisions to break the law and seem to get less backlash.
  5. I actually don't think Nadine's sentence has had anything to do with their media support and it's really just a case of the sound they're going for being so saturated at the moment. It's extremely hard for tracks like this to stand out however much of a bop they are, and particularly for a band that's only ever just seemed to put singles out and hasn't spent time cultivating a body of work, or a decent touring/festivals reputation.

    I think collating as many singles and new tracks as possible into an EP or album would really help them out. Just having something concrete out there.
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  6. Yeah, why don't they tour? I'm sure they could fill out some small o2 Academy venues at least.
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  7. Also, without wanting to open a whole can of worms: Nadine made a really stupid decision which resulted in tragedy and she served time in prison for it. I would imagine a blacklist would be more suitable for a situation which had a sense of injustice to it. There was no malicious intent with Nadine and she served an adequate punishment which suited what she did. There would be no sense in continuing to punish her; she did the crime and did the time.
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  8. Yeah that seems like a bit of a reach. The industry can't even blacklist rapists and domestic abusers but someone involved in a fatal crash is where they draw the line? I know misogyny is real, but I doubt they'd make it that obvious.
  9. This article claims they have an EP coming out. Maybe we’ll actually get it this time, maybe not.
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  10. I had no idea they were still around! I was really into them around 2014 Hot & Ain't Got Time were/are still genuinely great tracks. Sorry if it's been discussed before but why did Frankee leave? It was mainly her that attracted me to them.
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  11. I actually think Bad Vibe, Wondering and Choose Sides are her best three songs.
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  12. I think part of it could be down to 'Choose Sides' being a little more chilled and less instant than their previous singles. Also 'Ladbroke Grove' by AJ is taking off so perhaps radio/streaming are supporting that instead.

    I don't think it's over for M.O - they're in one of those positions where they are only as good as their last song it seems. They don't seem to have really built a fanbase.
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  13. A magazine interview they did around March last year said an EP would already be released by the time of publication. So I think the EP thing is a line that’s rolled out in the hopes something will actually happen.

    They must have so much material recorded at this stage.
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  14. Their posts on social media never really do well, they need to do more to build their fan base! Even Four of Diamonds are seeming to build a bit of a fanbase and are all playing quite a few live shows over summer.
  15. I mean coming from The X Factor certainly helped in that regard. M.O didn't get the help of being on a national tv show and they're slightly older which makes it harder unfortunately.
  16. I mean they could hardly book summer shows when a member was in jail? These summer shows were booked 6 months ago.
  17. I don't think Choose Sides not doing well has anything to do with Nadine's sentencing at all. They just don't have a fanbase and they're pushing their material on GRM but the demographic of that channel aren't going to play videos or songs by a girl group. I mean they're essentially pushing pop releases on an urban channel.
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  18. Hoping they can release an album soon.
  19. While I'm stanning Choose Sides, I feel like this would've made a great M.O single:
  20. Nadine said they're doing their own gig in "October or November" on Instagram.
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