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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. I could honestly listen to Nadine and Annie all day. I love the genre they're focusing on right now but I'd also love an acoustic ep from them.
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  2. Years in the wilderness - biggest hit of their career at that point - underperforming follow up - Frankee leaves - dropped (?) - looks like they’re on the way out - Chanal joins - Bad Vibe one of the biggest songs of 2018 - underperforming follow up - Nadine jailed, now we’re here...

    I don’t think there’s been a girl group who’ve had two songs as big as they have who are still relatively unknown. I know the music industry isn’t what it was a decade ago when prospects for girl groups seemed much brighter but they really should be so much more well known than they are.

    I agree that a mini tour and EP is definitely needed. Their Facebook posts get hardly any traction, so it doesn’t look like they have a tangible fan base as such. I just hope they carry on.
  3. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I mean...does anyone's Facebook posts get traction anymore??
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  4. Maybe Facebook wasn't the best example but any of their social media stuff draws tumbleweeds. When they went live on Instagram last week I swear they had like 60 people watching.
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  5. Choose Sides is close to 1m views, though, which is positive.
  6. New interview.
  7. Noticed they're in the studio a lot on their Instagram stories. Also they posted this.
    Chanal did a little question and answer session you can see on their stories too.
  8. Has Choose Sides managed to chart?
  9. Unfortunatly it hasn't.

    The girls are currently being interviewed at Radio 1. Great to see they still have some support there. Hopefully they start playing the song as I think it has only been played twice since the release
  10. Choose Sides has now fallen out of the top 1000 on Apple Music.

    I really hope they can come back from this, but this is the third single in a row that has failed to chart since Bad Vibe. They need major work on building up their fanbase and social media following.
  11. They've probably more chance if they feature on someone else's track instead of getting a rapper on theirs.

    Either that or ditch GRM and start pushing pop releases again?
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Choose Sides is kinda boring but I love Chanal's voice on it, she's got an interesting tone.
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  13. They could try features, but with the way things are standing I think that they would struggle to find somebody who would let them feature on a song. They featured on three last year (Pon Me, Wifey, With You) which all failed to do anything.

    From reading the comments, it seems that the majority of the GRM audience is not here for them at all so I think their best bet would be to move away from that and start pushing a pop release.
  14. At the same time though, 'Bad Vibe' is probably one of the biggest songs ever from GRM. Aside from maybe 'Barking' there's never been any other tracks from that channel that touched Platinum status. Obviously the song would probably have smashed regardless of who sang the hook but the girls can always have that accomplishment and the success of that song should keep them afloat for a while as they're still doing gigs and it's a big crowd pleaser.

    They need to decide whether they want to be proper urban or pop because visually they're aiming for the urban market but their music is still straight up pop. You could just imagine Frankee singing Choose Sides with them.
  15. I actually don't really know where they stand right now? There was a YouTube comment chain under Choose Sides that was basically 'No one on the R&B side takes them seriously because they're a girl group, and the pop side don't really claim them because they're clearly aiming for a different market', and a large portion of the comments comment more on AJ Tracey than the girls. They're just in a weird place.
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  16. The demographic who listen to GRM and play their playlists on YouTube/Spotify are not going to listen to a song by a girl group. They want rap, grime, lyrics about girls and cars and drugs etc. Three pretty girls singing about a guys attention isn't going to do it for them.

    Are they still with Polydor?
  17. Why do we have to pigeonhole them like that though? Why can't they be both? Lots of acts do it.
  18. They're releasing on a grime channel and pushing their songs on grime playlists.
  19. Personally I think they're fine to aim for the grime and pop market. What surprises me is how little work has been done to get them out there. I've been a fan since Wait Your Turn and even I sometimes mix up who they are.

    Also lol I just remembered I interviewed two of them when they were in Dutchess (or "Slutchess" as they later called it).

    A bop?
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