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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. 'shut up phaggowt'
    'I'm gonnah block u'
  2. Haven't they done Pride events in the past? Or at GAY? Even if they haven't, who does Chanel think plays their music?

    It's so mind numbingly stupid.
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  3. Her post would have been messy even if it was by a rock band with a straight audience anyway.
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  4. Yup they're a regular at Birmingham Pride.

    The only gig they can usually rely on getting.
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  5. Her posts have been messy from the minute she joined the band ddd. People just forgot.
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  6. Can we go back to this?
  7. Yes please!
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  8. I seriously loved what they were doing in 2016. The colourful but cool Kate Moross visuals coupled with the tropical poppy singles were just so good. I wish they could have pursued this sound and look more.
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  9. Choose Sides has just hit 1 million views on YouTube.

    Has anybody else heard the official Choose Sides remixes? The girls have an extra verse which ended up being replaced by the AJ rap.
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  10. Oh thanks for posting about this - I replaced Bad Vibe with the 'Summer Vibe' edition once we got that and I guess I'll do the same here.
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  11. It's not the solo edit of the song, it's been remixed, but you can still hear the original verse in full.

    Have a search for Choose Sides Tracey Wilson Radio Edit.
  12. I see. I'll give it a listen but hopefully we get the proper solo edit.
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  13. This is the true offence here.
  14. Yeah her social media is pretty insufferable. I love her verse in Choose Sides but the good sis is honestly a black hole of stage presence.
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  15. same
  16. New Choose Sides remix out today featuring a new rap verse from Chanal.

    It's... ok.
  17. Is it her rapping about how she hates the gays?
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  19. It seems she has issued a warning to the gays

    "Prepare to meet my whole rockstar team"

  20. #MuteChanal let’s get it trending.
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