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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. After watching that it made me realise I've never really hard their speaking voices or saw their personalities before. I love Annie's speaking voice.

    I do feel bad for her and Nadine having to answer these basic questions seven years into their career. They must be so fed up of explaining what M.O stands for and how they know eachother.

    An EP end of summer/winter time, Annie?
  2. Erm, I just heard some of their songs that came on randomly on shuffle.

    The girls have BAWPS. I was sleeping on 'em.
  3. OMG I just caught up on this thread and the messiness of the singer hating the faggertz and one of them in prison NOW?

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  4. Nadine is no longer in prison.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    You didn’t catch up at all.
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  6. It’s not big or clever, but I ain’t ashamed.

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  7. I really wish we could!
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  8. Also yass at Nadine giving Wait Your Turn the attention it deserves:

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  9. I don't like Chanal's personality at all. I don't even think I love Nadine's to be honest. She was half asleep during that interview.
  10. Annie and Frankee are (were) definitely the ones.
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  11. Not watched the latest interview yet but yeah, Annie has always been the one for me, I love Nadine too but she seems more distant in recent times, understandably though after the ordeal she went through. She shared a post on instagram a few weeks ago that said she had been feeling like she wanted to give up on the band. Chanal... never warmed to her.
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  12. I sort of feel like they might call it quits soon. It just doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen.
  13. I watched the Build interview and it didn't give us anything to look forward to apart from the fact they said they are releasing a mixtape. And by that they mean it's 'longer than an EP but shorter than an album'. But they didn't say if it'll be a mix of old and new tracks or all new. And they are also to announce a special gig soon (but the date is not yet confirmed).
  14. Really? It does feel like it's starting to happen for them, I mean, Bad Vibe was platinum and a Top 20 single. I think there's plenty time for them, as their sound happens to be what's currently trending. They have the cool, underground factor going on for them as well.
  15. Bad Vibe was over a year ago and the following singles have done nothing.
    I really hope they do persevere but I wouldn't say it feels like it's starting to happen for them.
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  16. Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if they call it a day if the next single performs the same way Choose Sides did. It must be so frustrating for Annie and Nadine.
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  17. I want that song they teased on instagram like a month ago though
  18. I'm sure we'll get the mixtape with the live show at the end of the year.
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