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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Yup it's grown on me too.
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  2. I really like this song a lot. I love the vocal arrangement and harmonies. It didn't stick out a lot to me at first but kind of snuck up on me. I did expect some kind of 90's vibe house party setting for the video though.
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  3. Chanal just posted this on Instagram...

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  4. Frankee*
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  5. Tacky use of the Chanel logo teebs.
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  6. Amelle would neva
  7. Sorry sweetie. You’ve brought nothing to the party but your homophobia and your over it face. Frankee was the least vocally “talented” of the group but she brought a charisma and energy and swag and sisterhood with the ladies that you ... never have.
  8. ‘My being just isn’t something most of u can fathom’

    We’ve fathomed it, Chanal, we just don’t really care that much for it.
  9. Wow she really is extra.
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  10. Frankee being “prettier or sexier” isn’t why I dislike her. I dislike her because she has a bad attitude and brings absolutely nothing to the group. Oh and she’s an ignorant homophobe.
  11. Nearly 190k views on YouTube for the music video. Way better than I expected after the audio only managed a few thousand in a week
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  12. Sadly, she actually does have a point about people constantly comparing her to Frankee, but as usual she's chosen the absolute worst way to address it. Rarely does the "all guns blazing" tactic ever actually work. And flexing like she's a messiah is certainly not going to warm anyone up to her.
  13. All they do is deliver bops. They're just very spaced out...
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  14. I know. I’m just hoping for another Preach / Not In Love / Bad Vibe.
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  15. Ex At The Party might be their best song yet.

    Ah, they're so good
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  16. The Zac Samuel remix of Who Do You Think Of is still phenomenal. Whew.
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  17. I asked them about the EP.
  18. Sugababes' impact
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