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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. I love the alternative universe of m.o
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  2. They’re far too unsuccessful to be engaging in such petty drama
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  3. Can't wait for their Sweet 7 era
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  4. So does that mean they want to bring in a new girl and have her wear Nadine's wig hoping no one will notice? PCD with Jess' hair, the impact.
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  5. I'm mad at the situation but also could feel sympathy for the girls wanting to continue if Nadine has quit.
  6. They'd need actual albums for that.
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  7. They are exhausting. They'll have their work cut out if they're looking for a Nadine replacement. She has always been the star for me, always the standout in every song and video. I just can't see it working without her.

    She carries them.
  8. Well...

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  9. The ambiguity.
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  10. That’s a no then!
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  11. I hate them.
    Let’s close this thread and move on.
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  12. Form a duo with Frankee and leave Annie and Chanal as a duo!
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  13. Smh, Nadine was the strongest vocalist in the group so if they're finding a replacement they better find someone who can Sang. I wonder what made Nadine decide to leave it seems like things were finally on the rise for them.

    I wish they'd stop being subliminal and just make a formal announcement and move on
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  14. Bop!

  15. I don’t really understand what the point of carrying on is. I feel very bad for Annie but Nadine’s vocals are so essential to their sound. I also always got the feeling that Nadine was the one that was most involved with writing their stuff. It was bad when Frankee left, but Nadine seems even less replaceable.

    I’m rooting for Annie but yea...
  16. I love Annie, but if Nadine has gone then it’s over.
  17. I don't even mean this as shadily as it seems, but... how so exactly?
  18. It just seemed like things were starting to pick up traction with these recent releases is all I was saying maybe I was mistaken
  19. That was three years ago.
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  20. I don't know it just seems like a weird time for her to leave especially after the release of Going Out Of My Way and I don't keep with charts and sales etc.
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