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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Sometimes I wonder if they should've somehow taken the Youtuber / Influencer route a few years back, at least to make each member recognizable enough to the public.
  2. They had two moments of almost doing . . . something, and they were Bad Vibe and Who Do You Think Of. Like I can actually remember hearing those songs on the radio and other human beings who I met in real life having heard them. But ya, Bad Vibe was two years ago, so.
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  3. They've got songwriting credits on all the tracks, so I presume they get some coin from that as they get 1mill+ listeners a month, but there's no album, no touring presence, no endorsements. There comes a point where it's a bit like – if it's not properly clicked, is it ever going to?
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  4. Yup, and it seems every time they were on the right track they took a massive knock back causing them to be inactive for about a year each time

    Who Do You Think Of - Frankee leaving

    Bad Vibe - Nadines prison sentence
  5. Too bad the little M.Obsters aren’t as crafty as the Allie X hackers, I’d love for someone to unleash their music vault.
  6. Just start a rumour that their unreleased songs will cure homosexuality and Chanal will leak them herself
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  7. Frankee’s shared a picture of them from 2015 on her story, I don’t think she’s acknowledged the group online since she left. Reunion confirmed.
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  8. 2015? Perhaps she's reminiscing about releasing Preach aka their best song.
  9. I dream!
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  10. Could you just imagine a world where Chanal was dropped like a bad habit and Frankee rejoined the group? It would just be *chefs kiss*
    Lemme go stream Who Do You Think Of?
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