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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Not In Love is one of their best, for me, but I really want to hear Independence now!
  2. Imagine the amount of unreleased bops these girls must have. Leak!

    Annie has been teasing a new release on instagram again today, saying we should hear some news very soon
  3. I looked on BMI to see if it’s registered under that title and to see who they wrote it with. It’s not there but I did see a song called Throwback which was co-written with MNEK during the Chanal era.

    Honestly they must have albums worth of material.
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  4. Really? I want to see those photos!
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  5. Has it been confirmed if Chanal is still part of the group or not?
  6. Can we even still call it a group if she's left too?
  7. At this point M.O. is just going to be Annie and a couple of her fitness clients doing backup choreo (squats and lunges).

    Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.12.52 AM.png

    Chanal did just post on her story last night that "she" is going to be releasing music on her IG page
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  8. Pretty sure Throwback is this song

    Features Chanal's vocals, probably from the Feelings (Wifey) recording sessions? Both produced by Crazy Cousinz
  9. I’ve just searched for any remaining trace of these and found nothing but these are sending me


  10. haaaa! No the photos literally went nowhere and probably don't exist at all any more. Jess was just doing odd demo jobs around Xenomania for a bit (she demo'd Call the Shots for GA) and got drafted in and then out of Mini Viva. Probably for the best.
  11. How lovely is Frankee though, I think I love her even more after her instagram Q&A, thoroughly enjoyed her answers. She just gets it.

    Annie, Nadine and Chanal, take notes, this is how you engage with an audience. I feel like they're so sh*t on social media which is one of the reasons they haven't achieved a big fanbase / following
  12. What? Has she left?
  13. I'm not sure that's what I asked cause it seems like Chanal is not in anymore either
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  14. I’m howling at the the fact that she just posted this

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  15. For those of y’all who love the girls but aren’t didn’t vote for the MO Rate, eliminations have begun if you’d like to track the mess!
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  16. Frankee picking I Wish as her favourite Mini Viva song.
    She’s one of us.
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  17. Not surprising but they no longer appear on the Polydor Records artists page, they definitely did a few months back, so it looks like they've been dropped?
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  19. I need a solo Nadine project like now.
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  20. I think Chanal is commenting on her own posts via the M.O account and I’m living for it.

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