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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. The shambolic order of the comments though nn.
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  2. They should be gearing up to launch their yearly summer bop right about now :(
  3. Sorry for the double post but..

    We have an update!

    Their bio on IG has been updated to 'duo' and they've updated their profile picture to one of Annie and Chanal. They're also teasing new music on their latest post. Intrigued
  4. Annie’s bio still says 1/3rd of M.O. dddd.

    We shall see about this “new music” M.O. Chanal speaks of.
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  5. Okay but why couldn't the duo be Annie + Nadine...
  6. I feel bad that Annie's still trying to make this happen and that she got stuck with Chanal.
  7. Chanal is not that bad y'all
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  8. The homophobe? Not that bad?
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  9. I mean I get that it's become kinda like a recurring joke in here but I honestly feel like people are misremembering what she actually did dd.

    From what I remember she made some ignorant post basically being like "don't fight hate with hate" and then blocked people who were rightfully telling her her post didn't make any sense. Like yes she's clearly not very bright and she has an annoying personality but other pop girls have been dragged much less for throwing around slurs...I don't know I feel like the outrage is disproportionate to what she actually did. Unless there was some other incident that I missed?
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  10. Exactly this. I think most are perturbed with Chanal because there was no official announcement of her arrival/Frankie's departure. And now history repeats 3 years later with Nadine's unannounced exit.
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  11. Ddd I'd completely forgotten the fact they just, like, brought Chanel in and did some kind of weird six month trial run where they wouldn't even acknowledge her on socials despite the fact they were gigging together.

    One of the most bizarre girl band announcement techniques I've ever seen.
  12. Hello Chanal!
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  13. .....
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  14. Their profile picture on Instagram has been changed to just Chanal and Annie now.
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  17. I think their music improved with Chanal. My favorite M.O. songs (Wondering, Going Out Of My Way) features her...

    Let's see what comes next.
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  18. Super impressed how they always manage to keep over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify with their 1 yearly releases
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