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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. It's weird that none of them have mentioned it on Twitter or Facebook....
  2. That's weird, because Who Do You Think Of? is definitely the single that is supposed to come out in May.

    The funky vocals effects seem to become their thing now.
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  3. The remixes were 'officially' released on Friday. I love the Zac Samuel and Danny Dove mixes. I hope the actual song is as good as these.
  4. They're still a thing? Wow, when will Neon Jungle tbh
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  5. I think they're self-funded?
  6. YIKES. I can't see these girls going anywhere. If Preach didn't make them superstars, I don't know what else will.
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  7. Didn't they just get signed to Polydor?

    Also is it common to release a Remix EP of your single before it even comes out? Seems odd...
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  8. MB


    Yeah they're signed to polydor now so hopefully it'll mean bigger and better things!
  9. I wonder if this is one of the Dallas Austin tracks.
  10. "Who Do You Think Of?" sounds massive, if the remixes are anything to go by. Total summer banger.
  11. I've seen M.O in social media working with some producers that Neon Jungle used to work with, so I really hope they be the answer for my prayers of having again a badass girlband with them beats and a genuine relationship between each other.
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  12. Final Song is really great! Could see this being big, but after Kamikaze doing very lackluster..
  13. Wrong M.O.
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  14. OF COURSE. Help me find the right thread please.
  16. When is the original version of Who Do You Think Of due to get released??
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Screaming at the confusion.

    M.O. really have been in limbo since like… the beginning of their career.
  18. Are they ever gonna happen?

    I remember seeing them open for Little Mix's Salute tour and enjoying a couple of their songs.

    Love For A Minute, Preach & Dance On My Own.

    What is actually happening with them?
  19. They're supposed to release an EP in June with a lead single in May (Who Do You Think Of). They released a remix package of that song last month--but never announced it or anything-it just was plopped onto iTunes.
  20. Confession: the whole reason I discovered M.O. in the first place is because I tried to Google MØ without proper consideration for the Danish alphabet.
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