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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. They better bring it!!! I'm literally anxious for them! It's like now or never! I have this feeling that this time around they are packed with really good music and a good production team. I'm doubtful about the promo strategy and handling though.
    They seem to be using the same strategy Neon Jungle did, which basically was not revealing the girls faces at the singles artwork for that girl group resistance some people have.
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  2. It's coming next Friday. Really hope they can get radio on board again, although Preach was the first time they did, so hopefully there is still some good will on that side.
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  3. Dang, so it's coming out a month after the remix EP released? Messy.

    I really was gunning for these girls, but I've lost interest and dedication. Here's hoping they can turn it around.
  4. Music video for "Who Do You Think Of?" is coming friday! They posted clips on their twitter and instagram. It looks real cute. I love the colour scheme.

    I'm excited now. Let's just hope the original track is as good as the remixes.
  5. I've got a good feeling about this.
  6. "Who Do You Think Of" sounds great based on the clip. Hoping the full track provides the life I need. "Too Good" has revitalized my hopes for their material. Don't disappoint, girls.
  7. This sounds potentially brilliant, and they look amazing.
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  8. It sounds like a sped up version of the Ed Solo Remix based on that small clip.
  9. Bring it on, girls!
  10. Just checked Spotify and the Zac Samuels remix has been streamed over 100k times so far, is that a good sign? At least the random remix release didn't fall completely flat.
  11. That's pretty good considering its a remix and there's been no promo. The song sounds really strong (a lot more current than 'Preach') so hopefully radio will get on board and they'll actually have some success.
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  12. Those Carribbean under-the-sea vibes in the clip scream "summer 2016 hit", and I'm totally okay with that.
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  14. I hope with them signed to a major now that they're actually gearing up for an album release. We need a decent Neon Jungle replacement.
  15. Yes hopefully Polydor can take these girls to the next level. I don't hear many horror stories coming from them and they're responsible for Girls Aloud and The Sats so I have faith.
  16. I'm in the market for a cool edgy girlband to be the Sugababes to Little Mix's Girls Aloud. These girls are it.
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  17. Now I want to go back and listen to their album. It wasn't that bad, even if it was basic.
  18. It just premiered.


    If this doesn't smash for them then I don't know what will.
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  19. Yeah, this song is a perfect summer bop. Need it for my 'Summer 2016' playlist ASAP!
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