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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Damn I missed it. Is it up anywhere yet?
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  3. Thank you! Sounds so good. It's got summer hit written all over it!
  4. Give it to us M.O.
    When is it out and please don't say #soon.
  5. There's a new 4- track EP up for pre-order on New Zealand's iTunes, it's out June 24th but Who Do You Think Of? is an instant grat. Should be up in the UK as well at midnight, I reckon.


    1 Who Do You Think Of?
    2 Too Good
    3 Man Enuff
    4 Who Do You Think Of? (Acoustic)
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  6. *Pussy disappears into the stratosphere*

    This is amazing.
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  7. What time's this video coming out then? 12am UK time? I'm perched!
  8. Radio 1 is playing it at 11am tomorrow, as well.
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  9. The song is completely brilliant, possibly their best yet. Please be a hit.
  10. Up on iTunes and Spotify etc. now!

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  11. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ at this not being available in my country...polydor doing me dirty once again. let me get a vpn real quick.
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  13. Why would they geoblock this, these bizarre major label antics.
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  14. This sounds like it could be huge.
  15. What even is the point of geoblocking in 2016? Get with the times!

    Anyway I love the video it's so pretty!
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  16. This is fantastic.

    Imagine if they'd released something this good when they had all that radio support with Preach. Hopefully they'll get playlisted again this time, because this actually sounds like it could be a hit.
  17. KAG


    I like it, I don’t love it though. I preferred ‘Too Good’ and it’s not on par with some of their pre-Polydor songs but I still really hope it’s a hit for them. It’s certainly catchy and punchy enough for the public to get on board this time.
  18. Happy to report I can buy the song in the US, but still not see the video. Pointless as can be.
  19. It's fully Friday in North America (sans Alaska...) - WHY CAN'T I SEE THE VIDEO???
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  20. Okay so if they release tunes like this and videos this pleasant to watch (even if there's no story or anything impressive I love it) they can stay like this forever even if it takes 3 months between releases.
    Also, they seem like a mix between Neon Jungle and Stooshe (this last one mainly because of Nadine's and Karis' wigs).
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