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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hola chicas.
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  2. 0:55 - not crazy about it
    3:45 - little bit obsessed
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  3. NotJessieWare is giving me absolutely everything I could wish for in the video. I hope this is playlisted.
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  4. That nickname is lowkey M.O's greatest accomplishment. Can I change my username to that??
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  5. This needs to be a hit!
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  6. On first listen I prefer the Zac Samuel remix The video seems to be set to private/not working at the moment so let me reserve judgement.
  7. Oh wow, I love it! I wish them the best of luck, they kind of are filling the void where the Sugababes/MKS used to be.
  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Ah, they always make me so happy. I'm glad they didn't have Neon Jungle's fate. This song is great and the visuals are so good.
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  9. I just want an album from them! The EPs are nice, but where's that bloody album? I'm glad Frankee still got time to shine - she seems to be having a better go at success post mini viva than Britt Love did. Which is surprising, since Britt was the lead in most cases.
  10. Popjustice has a video button.
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  11. Why am I only hearing something from them now? This is so great.
    I also checked out Dance On My Own. Another awesome track!
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  12. Ain't Got Time, Wait Your Turn, and For A Minute are also great.
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  13. I really think "Love The Most" from that Good Friends EP is great, too!
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is amazing!! They have everything, is it too much to ask for an album???
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  15. I really hope the radio get behind this. If Kisses for Breakfast can get a top 10, this can get a top 5 surely.
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  16. This song deserves to be an absolute smash. I really want them to make it.
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  17. Been following them for some time, but they never caught my attention. They seem very vulgar for me, too urban... I don't know how to explain, but something never "clicked" for me.

    This new single has interested me and I have bought some of their singles from iTunes UK. I think "Preach" is my favourite song, besides "Who do you think of".

    I wonder, like many of you, if they had side jobs to live or something else, because I can't believe they haven't split up after all these years flop after flop. Hahahahaha.

    Let's see what's in store for these ladies.
  18. Who Do You Think Of? is like a mix of Lush Life and Jamie xx's (I Know There's Gonna Be) Good Times. It felt a bit overly familiar from my very first listen, but I'm really happy these girls have stumbled upon what might be a breakthrough single. They work really well together.
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  19. Yes, I can see Who Do You Think Of? clicking with a lot more people because it does sound a lot more current then everything else they've put out.

    But I don't see why it matters how they pay their bills. The fact they haven't split up just shows how dedicated and tight they are as a group, and I don't see how that's negative especially since the lack of commercial success hasn't affected the quality of their output negatively (for the most part).
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  20. If this isn't a hit for them, nothing will be. It sounds exactly like what a massive smash in 2016 should sound like.
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