M People

I gave The Collection a spin yesterday and decided they needed a thread here. If we ignore Moving On Up, their music is incredibly classy and warm-sounding which is a huge feat for a dance act.
Sight for Sore Eyes was my favourite.

But after awhile, her voice took its toll and I wish she'd attempted to cough up whatever tennis-ball sized glob of phlegm seemed stuck in her throat.
I rediscovered them a few weeks ago as I was compiling a youthful playlist for a party.
Open Up Your Heart, Fantasy Island and Search For The Hero... hadn't heard any in years but all great pop songs.
They really were a marmite act, I was too young at the time to really know or care what was cool in the 90's but my parents had a couple of their CD's. Did they reform a few years ago I think I saw? I know Heather Small tends to do a few Gay Prides and wheel out Pride every now and again.


It's funny how they started off fairly trendy and even a little bit underground and eventually became the HeartFM dance band of the 90s with a CD in every charity shop.

I think I pretty much have all their CD singles. A lot of the remixes were really good thanks in no small part to Mike Pickering and his DJ connections. I think it started to go wrong from Search For The Hero onwards and I didn't even buy 'Fresco'.


The single remix of How Can I Love You ore is a 90's masterpiece. It is a shame that their credibility equalled that of a knitted toilet roll holder towards the end. As someone has already pointed out, their roots were in the underground dance scene in Manchester which has been glossed over, ignoring some very fine work. Just For You is another personal favourite of mine.
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Excited was a fucking choon. I love the bridge - "so climb right on in, you know love's not a sin ..."
I've just worked out it has been almost 16 (SIXTEEN) years since I saw them at Alton Towers, along with Gabrielle and the Lighthouse Family.

We watched England v Scotland in Euro 96 beforehand and it was scorching hot!

Heather Small's going to be busy singing Proud this summer isn't she?
M-People were ace! it was a quite brilliant thing how they bulldozed their way into the mainstream while retaining a clubbers delight edge, won the Mercury Music Prize while selling albums by the truckload.

it's easy to consign them to 'naff' or 'bargain bin' status, but actually the likes of 'Someday (Sasha's Master Mix)'; 'How Can I Love You More (Sasha's Mix); 'One Night In Heaven'; 'Renaissance'; 'Sight For Sore Eyes' etc are pop gold, as are vast majority of tracks on their greatest hits. their last album was a stale affair though - 'Fantasy Island' for example sounds more like an M-People tribute band... they just didn't move with the times quick enough by that point.

they are one of those 90's band i would love to see make a comeback though ... new album please M-People!


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Moving On Up's glorious, but the rest of their material got samey quite quickly and the vocals grate on me on many songs.
Can only echo a lot of what's already been said about their artistic trajectory. The early stuff like Colour My Life, Excited and any version of How Can I LOve You More are still sublime 90s club-pop. I think it was the Bizarre Fruit II period, with Itchycoo Park a particular low, where they lost their way.

They never really deserved to turn into a Lighthouse Family, Magic FM beacon of blandness.
As I recall, Heather was quite precious about people taking the mickey out of her 'sound'. When SuperGirly (anyone remember them?) imitated her in their Perfect Day pastiche, apparently she was not impressed.