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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aime, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Werent they the female duo who were on Live & Kicking for a year?
  2. Yeah, they played quite a few little venues around London years ago (and G.A.Y.) where they pretty much did song parodies, some of which were excellent.
  3. moorje

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    I am surprised they haven't tried to record any new material. They have toured together several times over the past 5 years and rereleased a greatest hits tacking on Proud. Maybe they really are just spent creatively as I can't imagine how they'd update their sound?
  4. at a time when pop production dictates everything plus kitchen sink has to be thrown in (more often than not leading to a complete mess), i think the succinct, efficient, crystal clear production of M-People on 'Northern Soul', 'Elegant Slumming' and 'Bizarre Fruit' would be a total breath of fresh air right now. they produced simple, solid dance pop that if done to the level of their first 3 albums would go down well anytime. they were, let's face it, surprisingly mahoosive in the 90's.

    oh, and judging by the Miranda sketch with Heather last year, i'd say if she didn't have a sense of humour about her unique voice before, she does now.
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  5. pdf


    I could never quite make up my mind whether Heather Small actually could sing or not.

    And can anyone remember the name of the group she was in before M People, late 80s / early 90s I think. I remmeber they had one almost-hit that was pretty good.
  6. Hot House.

    Don't Come To Stay was a very minor hit in 1987. I've got the 7" and their LP. But I really want the album on CD....off to amazon!
  7. THIS^^^

    'How Can I Love You More' was great but it all went to shit after that. They became the very epitome of 'Handbag House' at it's very worst. It's genre that I love but they just made it sound incredibly naff.

    Of course the major problem was her terrible voice. She always sounded like she had a really bad cold and was singing with a mouth full of marbles. Her diction was horrendous. Every song needed to be sung at least a semi tone higher in order to get her out that foghorn comfort zone. Basically she sounds like this.

    They are one of the worst bands of all time in my opinion.

    I remember her first from a band called Hot House in the late 80's. They were really good and whilst her later vocal mannerisms can be detected they're not yet as overbearing as they later became. This record was fantastic but never became a hit despite being heavily promoted at the time.
  8. HA!!!

    Trust Eric to get there first.
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  9. And it arrived today, so I'll be giving it a spin in a day or so, I expect.
  10. I've got it on vinyl as well but not sure I've ever played it.

    Same for 'Elegant Slumming' actually.

    Must get my turntable from under my bed.
  11. I only got the album on vinyl last year, and had lined it up for a spot of digital conversion. However, I just don't seem to find the time anymore, so getting it on CD is easier. The only song of theirs I know is Don't Come To Stay, and I think it was a bit of a fave with the Chart Show back in '87. I saw the video more than once, anyway.

    Elegant Slumming is great. Never a "best album of the year" or anything (Mercury judges hang your heads), but some nice tunes. And I always dug the coloured sofas on the sleeve. Actually that's why I really bought it!
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  12. Oh I didn't mean 'Elegant Slumming' I have 'Northern Soul'. They were just about bearable at that point.
  13. Northern Soul has their two best songs. Colour My Life and How Can I Love You More. So that's okay, haha.
  14. I love Elegant Slumming, though I quite like all of their albums, Northern Soul is criminally over looked & underrated.
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  15. Baffled why they don't just do another album, particularly as they still do gigs.
  16. Does the The Best Of album from the late 90's include all the single versions, folks?
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  17. Yes, as far as I remember, they're all in edited single versions.
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  18. I recently picked up the album "Testify" and didn't realize this was actually a compilation designed for America. It's a surprisingly good listen.
  19. If it helps any, I digitised everything they released from CD for my iTunes library earlier this year, and here's their 19 UK single A-sides with correct tags and run times;


    EDIT; Actually, a quick tally with the Discogs times for the best of CD suggests Colour My Life, Someday, How Can I Love You More?, Don't Look Any Further, Renaissance and Dreaming are not the correct 7" mixes.


    EDIT II; Love Rendezvous and Excited aren't on at all - how odd? Never noticed this before!
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  20. I always knew that there were singles missing, but assumed (wrongly!) they were all in their single versions. They are at least different/edited down from the full album versions, which were often pushing 6 or 7 minutes.
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