Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

I don’t really know where I am with this song right now. I was excited at the beginning but I haven’t really gone out my way to go back to it.
The length of the track is actually working in its favour for me, i haven't actively seeked it out to listen to much, however, on my commute if an album or playlist i'm listening to has finished and i'm just not quite at work (or home), i play this track and when its finished my commute is done.

I really feel like the song sounds like an ex-member of a moderate successful "reality tv" girl group would release to try and find a niche gay fanbase (i.e. Aubrey O'Day, Kimberly Wyatt or Heidi Range)... not someone coming off from a pretty decent debut era which gains multiple top 10 hits and big name collabs to kickstart their sophomore album
Some of y'all just aren't that bitch and it shows!

This is straight up Dua Lipa cosplay. Thinking Of You stays her best song period.

Also what's with everyone thinking she sounds like Sugababes? I can't hear that for the life of me. Starting with Sugababes being three different voices.

The first two/three songs felt like One Touch if it was released in ~2015, was the rationale for that particular comparison I think?
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