Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

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I still haven't been able to get into Let Them Know at all. Who asked Mabel for this? It doesn't even seem like a natural evolution of her sound.

I know there's plenty of R&B girls "out there" right now, but I thought she carved out a good footing. I really was hoping she was going to try and own it this era especially with Boyfriend being marketed as the lead single for album two when it was released (even though it was a middle of the road song). I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I wish were back tacking on bonus singles to High Expectations (since they were all better than this).

The Bedroom EP (and those singles before), Ivy to Roses, and High Expectations still have high replay value for me up until today. Not that I was expecting anything groundbreaking from Mabel, but this was probably my biggest disappointment. She was consistently realizing rehashes of the same song / sound, and I was here for it.
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Take It Home is for the Pokemon Soundtrack (she's on Capitol in the US), rather than the second single for this campaign.


The cover was leaked with this text I'm not trying to promote Utada.
Which televised performances? I knew Don’t Call Me Up got a push, but it has just been so silent ever since. Makes sense with what @Butterfly is saying.
Jimmy Fallon.

I assume the song just didn't do what they wanted it to. The album had an Urban Outfitters US exclusive pressing which from the looks of it sold so poorly that they had to ship most of the copies to the UK.
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