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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. This is giving me some Stars Dance “Like a Champion” Selena in the chorus… but not as guilty bop!

    It’s… odd.
  2. What is with the accent fff
  3. This is for a Pokemon movie? Why does it sound like a Euros football anthem from like 5 years ago.

    Also I don't hate it...
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  4. I have no desire to play it again.
  5. I like it more than Let Them Know ddd. But yeah, it's definitely 2013-ish.
  6. kal


  7. I'm just thinking how much she's gonna pitch this down when she sings this lives nn
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  8. For all you Pokefans, Serebii’s little write up about this has me howling.

    “This song is a unique song in the collection called Take It Home and is created by popular UK artist Mabel”.

    Unique indeed.
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  9. Ms. Serbeii needs her ears checked because this is not it. Pokemon deserves more but get your coin sis.
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  10. Poor ha, but the coin from this will probably be good? Hopefully it funds more Let Them Know or... other bops.
  11. I blame y'all for her reverting to this Spotify plink pong sound.

    Alexa play big gay smash Let Them Know!
  12. kal


    Hopefully this won't be on the album at all. I'm really disappointed.
  13. Girls it’s just filler for the Pokémon 25 album for an easy cheque. Mabel or Pokémon haven’t even as much as tweeted about it. Stream “Electric”!
  14. I’m genuinely perplexed that this is Mabel in the year 2021…like what?
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  15. kal


    So, apparently Mabel sleeps wearing leather boots, and full on make up.

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  16. RJF


    Not Jigglypuff.
  17. She's so fucking talented, but there's something lacking when she tries to go Big Pop Girl.
  18. A good song?
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  19. The song is… not my favorite, but here’s a bit of shameless promo:

    Most important part: “a body of work” is ready for release “when the time is right”
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