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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. That...doesn't even sound like her. What in the 2010 Jessica Jarrell unreleased demo.
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I...don't mind this dd but please get better again soon Mabes!
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  3. I don't mind the song but it's 100% the worst she's put out.
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  4. We Pokémon deserve better.
  5. I can see her struggling this era, especially if she doesn't switch up her sound.
    She's so talented. She can do so much better.
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  6. I miss Not Sayinbel.
  7. kal


    I miss My Boy My Townbel

  8. The body of work needs to go through a detox before it gets released if it has anything similar to these last two songs.
  9. Whoever said "when your mother was a cult icon on the indie scene, your rebellion is going the 101-pop-girl route" nailed it. It's just... not her. She felt much more comfortable when she just bopped on stage instead of attempting full choreo and looking like she's attempting a 2014 The Saturdays routine.
  10. DAS


    I'm really surprised at how Mabel is flopping so much which these new songs, in 2019 almost every release of hers was a smash, she was everywhere and really was elevated her status as indie pop girl to main pop girl. I don't know what it will take for her to get back to that, i never really listen to the radio now, but a few years ago when i did she was always being played and had interviews etc., is that still the case?

    I wonder if her team need to try and drop the album in about a month and try and go for a sleeper hit or post album release smash (a la Hot pink or Dua lipa Self titled)
  11. kal


    This tea though. Trying so hard to be The Saturdays when you’ve got the effortless cool of The Sugababes.
  12. I think someone in here said she had gone from One Touch to Sweet 7 before her album had even came out. The accuracy.
  13. I'm so late here but my problem is that “call me Khaleesi” is already a painfully dated lyric.If it was a song that came out 5 years ago... would still be cringe but it would be acceptably cringe.
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  14. New song is generic album filler. Its okay but nothing special. Gives me Anne Marie deep cut vibes. Bland background pop.
  15. I don’t know what her team was thinking when they decided to drop a Pokemon soundtrack song in the middle of her album rollout, especially when the song is sonically so different from Let Them Know. It’s confusing and I thought it was her second single at first. With that being, this generic faceless mess has grown on me a tad ddd

    This sounds a lot like Zara’s What Happens Here, Tommy Brown is really pulling a Ryan Tedder with the girlies.
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  16. To be honest, this was probably decided ages ago and they figured Let Them Know would be so huge it would completely swallow the Pokémon track. And well… they were mistaken.
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  17. I miss Thinking Of Youbel
  18. A 2014 Saturdays routine was basically a triangle formation and finger points ddd
  19. A bunch of new songs were registered recently, most if not all of them should be on the album. The credits look promising.

    'Animal' - Mabel, RAYE, Anton Göransson, Jordan Riley
    'Crying On The Dancefloor' - Mabel, ALDAE, StarGate
    'Definition' - Mabel, TBHits, MNEK, Tré Jean-Marie, Anton Göransson
    'Good Luck' - Mabel, KAMILLE, MNEK, Tré Jean-Marie, Jax Jones, Tazer
    'I Love Your Girl' - Mabel, Emily Warren, ALDAE, OZGO, ILYA, Rami
    'Let Love Go' - Mabel, RAYE, SG Lewis, MNEK, Tré Jean-Marie, Anton Göransson, Jordan Riley
    'LOL' - Mabel, RAYE, Steve Mac
    'Overthinking' - Mabel, Jozzy, StarGate
    'Shy' - Mabel, TBHits, MNEK, Tré Jean-Marie, Anton Göransson
    'Take Your Name (Interlude)' - Mabel, RAYE, Jordan Riley

    This is in addition to the ones there before:
    'About Last Night (Intro)' - Mabel, RAYE, Sillkey, MNEK, Tré Jean-Marie, Jordan Riley
    'When The Parties Over' - Mabel, RAYE, MNEK, Tré Jean-Marie, Jordan Riley
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  20. RAYE being Mabel's de facto exec producer is a kii. Get that songwriting coin!

    I'm still stoked for this album. But a new single is needed soon.
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