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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. That is actually great promo.
  2. I'm happy you can finally see the light.
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  3. Love this video, very fun and great promo for her.
  4. Hopefully this performance is better than the last one...
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  5. Could it actually get worse outside of her like... slipping on the pool edge and breaking a leg?

    Let Mabel stay for the rest of the episode and have her stir some shit, that's promo.
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  6. The performance was good but ddd at all the Islanders being kept at a 20 foot distance from her.
  7. They must have looked teeny tiny to her.
  8. "Let Them Know" is up to #7 on iTunes. Not sure where it was before! I'd love this to finally become a hit. I still think it's a banger!
  9. Queen of selling 70 copies
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  10. kal


    I’m one of those 70!
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  11. And it's back on repeat!

    No they can't beat you down
    Cause Baby Yoda bitch
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  12. Let them know
    Go 'head and flip that switch
    No, they can't beat you down
    'Cause, baby, you're that bitch

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  13. It’s genuinely more like 35 ddd.
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  14. Home girl can buy a 5 chicken selects meal with her cut. Winning!
  15. This might have just done enough to save the song. Went from 82 to 31 on Spotify and sits at 26 on Apple Music. Whether it stabilises is another thing but she should reach a new peak this week. If only a few places higher.
  16. I have faith in her and her team manfiesting this into becoming at least a moderate hit. She's a hustler.
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  17. Let them know she coming for that top 20
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  18. I want this to be a hit because I really want her to get a proper, mess-free (or at least less messy) album roll out this time around. She deserves that. But at the same time I don't feel like this song is good enough to warrant success, and if it does become a hit I worry what kind of shit they're going to foist on her going forward.
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  19. Tea, actually.

    The song is 23 in the mids. I think it should creep into the top 20 by the end of its chart run.
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