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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. She served Hed Kandi circa 2007 and I'm buying everything she's selling.
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  2. RMK


    I like it a lot, but the chorus definitely deserves better verses.
  3. Love this unashamedly camp gay disco anthem, what an absolute serve.
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  4. Love this!
  5. Oh, this is big.
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  6. She let us know what needed to be known.
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  7. Anyone else think the bridge might be RAYE?
  8. So camp it works.
  9. kal


    I just noticed on iTunes that she owns the copyright to the song. Does that mean she owns her masters? Savvy queen, if so!

    Less than 2 hours until my purchase arrives.

    Also, music video premieres tomorrow at 8am UK time.
  10. A mega bop!
  11. The Let Them Know music video premieres tomorrow at 3 AM EST:

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  12. Song is a banger. I'm here for it.
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  13. Just heard it pitched and it’s totally her! Love that she has such a big part of this. It really does pair well with Love Line and Call on Me as was said on the last page.
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  14. RMK


    I hope this does well for her. Coincidentally, I've been going through her catalog a bit more lately, and she seems to have a really strong hold in the UK.
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  15. I can’t get this chorus out of my head.
  16. kal


    Finally listening to this for the first time. To nobody’s surprise, I love it.
  17. ADM


    Maybe it’s cus it’s late but I wasn’t bouncing around my bedroom on first listen, that’s not even hate. I wish I was. I probably will be tomorrow though.
  18. Mabel read the Solar Power thread and still Let Them Know!

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  19. This is for the girlsssssss what a tune. SG Lewis, RAYE and MNEK?! Amazing. I hope this does well for her
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  20. This goes perfectly with the Jodie Harsh song that came out last week, also produced with SG Lewis.

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