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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. I find it hard to believe anyone involved in the creation of this was really into it.
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  2. But... Do we want an album full of Good Luck, Boyfriend, Tick Tock, I Wish? In all honesty... Keep it.
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  3. Good Luck has fallen out the top 200 on Spotify. It's over.
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  4. Quick, drop another SG Lewis ciggy bop and make a surprise appearance at G-A-Y Porn Idol!
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  5. Was it a good idea to push a Jax Jones & Galantis collaboration when both already have other singles climbing the charts (and playlisted at radio and streaming services)?

    Anyway, here's some press release puffery on this increasingly mythical album -

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  6. kal


    But I want Overthinking & Let Them Know!
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  7. Artists setting themselves up with their songs names will never fail to amuse me.
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  9. Am I the only one who likes Good Luck? (Probably yes). The more I hear it, the more I like it.
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    I’ve warmed up to it but it’s no West Ten.
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  12. I wish (I wish) I had the audacity to be this confident
  13. Obsessed with how she does a full choreographed performance without ever once leaving the spot she's standing in.

  14. Not this making me love the song.
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  15. Playlisted at Radio 1 (B-list), Radio 2 (A-list!) and Capital... but not in the top 200 on Spotify.

    Her "My Boy My Town" era-esque stage outfit too!


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  16. New song has been registered on BMI called “Hit & Run”, co-written by Mabel, Skrillex (!), Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, Lindgren and Melanie Fontana.

    I love that Mabel’s middle name is “Alabama Pearl”, it sounds like it could be a good Hannah Montana-esque stage name.
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  17. Sounds like a feature dd
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  19. kal


  20. kal


    On set? Shooting the video for Overthinking?

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