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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. I.... kinda like it
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  2. Okay neneh
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  3. I think this sounds much more instant and appealing than all of the previous singles combined.
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  4. I hear Mabel Tesfaye nn.
  5. Sounds awful.
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  6. Should’ve been solo but I'm assuming the main objective of these features is to get more streams.
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  7. A “Talk About Love” sized smash incoming.
  8. This sounds.... very meh.
  9. kal


    Why is this artwork different?

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  10. How is it worse than the first cover?
    The artwork on iTunes is the original so I guess that's just for socials? It would be typical of Mabel to change the art direction and break the one consistent thing this era has had though.
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  11. This is serving 00's movie promo pic...
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  12. It's better than before, but that's not saying much.
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  13. It is better than the first but still looks like an early 2000’s racing game. I’m interested to hear the song nonetheless.
  14. Fast and Furious should cast Mabs!
  15. RMK


    I feel like she told someone she wanted to hop on the "creating a movie poster for the single" trend, and someone misread the brief.
  16. Fixed.
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  17. I actually like the new one quite a bit ddd. And her refusal to post the original / official version is a bitsy iconic.
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  18. The new one looks like a fan made that she saw and upgraded to socials cover.
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  19. The new one looks like she typed in 'MABEL' to Google Images, saw that image, and knicked it from Coverlandia.
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