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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. The whole thing has a sense of dust collecting on it to add to the Comeback Corner aesthetic. There's bound to be something on this they can play on Love Island in a few weeks and bag a cute Top 20.
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  2. We all know the album will slap.
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  3. Not her coming out of the gate with this track count. I thought she'd go the Higher Expectations route and keep tacking on new singles to this album for the next year or more. (Realistically, it's probably all those bonus singles that's already on Higher Expectations being added here, too?)
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  4. Re-open G-A-Y Astoria for a 3 song performance, send Mabel on a branded horse in Soho, get her a T4 special, a fake Woolworths pop up where she can do a signing... I need the full fantasy.
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  6. Looks like much the whole album is co-written with RAYE and/or MNEK so I'm very much perched.
  7. Quote in the Guardian today about her response to the (drop in) commercial success this time around.

    Full profile here
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  8. Crying @ everyone writing what I was thinking: This album already screams late '90s/early '00s catastrophic flop that the gays happily, mindlessly bop to.

    Re: The Guardian snippet above, I find it difficult to be overly sympathetic. Everything she's complaining about is everything she chose. She was in her cool and sultry Sugababes-adjacent lane at the start, then abandoned all her spice to be a cookie cutter pop girl. 100x more disposable. She can always go back to, like... what she's best at?
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  9. I mean she still has a deal so I'm gonna guess she can't come out and say "I'm not making the music I want to be making," but that could easily be the case given how focus-grouped this all feels.
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  10. Can’t wait to stan this with a bunch of gays and go crazy if when she tours small venues filled with poppers smell.

    i’m ready to get the gay alberm I deserve
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  11. Preordered the pink vinyl!
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  12. The fact I’m loudly rooting for this girl and the album despite finding out the 17 pre-release singles to be universally trash (except for Let Them Know as I do bop to it).

  13. I can't believe that she's getting that album out in a matter of a month and a half! Little Mabellines won again.

    Love both covers and I'm glad that they stuck with the imaginery and typography of single covers. I think that there will be a few nice bops, just like in High Expectations, especially judging by the writing credits.
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    I don't really get the vibe she doesn't like the music she's making. Her family has a history in the industry, and I doubt they'd go tell her to sell herself and become a pop star if her heart was elsewhere. She could've worked out a deal at another label.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Let Them Know just clicked with me. Gimme that trash bop I crave!
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    "I Love Your Girl" is a Rami Yacoub and Ilya cut. Interesting.
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    Lets hope after this album she moves on and can go back to somewhere around Sugababes 1.0/2.0 and not where she's ended up, dangerously close to 4.0..
  18. Apparently she's already started working on album 3 which is a return to the My Boy My Town/ Thinking Of You aesthetic...
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  19. I also really feel her for - Polydor were clearly entering this era with the expectation Mabel was going to do a Dua/Future Nostalgia moment
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  20. This album feels 2 years too late. But in gay popjustice user time that is right on schedule.
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