Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

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All my girls for the bassline
Ponytail to the waistline


Throw it back, baby, take time
Money talks and I make mine

I just noticed on iTunes that she owns the copyright to the song. Does that mean she owns her masters? Savvy queen, if so!

Well, she's got family in the business who would have advised her well :) Yes, she does own them but for the foreseeable (probably at least 10 years) she's licensed those rights to Polydor, and they actually control them for that period.
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This has come straight out of the school of Dua Lipa & second albums but it’s very fun. Very camp, boppy and catchy. Love that for her!

She looks great blonde too!
Video looks absolutely great, it's nothing groundbreaking but it goes along well with the song.

Also there's a snippet of Good Luck at the end? I guess it's possibly the second single?
This is great! Can't wait to see her perform it live. I gave my High Expectations vinyl a spin last night and it is a really strong debut. Looking forward to what she does next.
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