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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. I've heard the snippet a few times and I can't get it out of my head. Hit incoming.
  2. Baby you’re that bitch
    Baby you’re that….
    Baby you’re that bitch
    Baby you’re that….

    There is no bigger bop released this year.
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  3. All my girls for the bassline
    Ponytail to the waistline


    Throw it back, baby, take time
    Money talks and I make mine

  4. Bop of the year. This is a win.
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  5. Well, she's got family in the business who would have advised her well :) Yes, she does own them but for the foreseeable (probably at least 10 years) she's licensed those rights to Polydor, and they actually control them for that period.
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  6. When the beat drops for the first time during the first verse.

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  7. It’s giving me ‘recently watched three episodes of Drag Race with a token gay friend and loved it!’ teas.
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  8. She not come to mess around with this one. What a song.
  9. This has come straight out of the school of Dua Lipa & second albums but it’s very fun. Very camp, boppy and catchy. Love that for her!

    She looks great blonde too!
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  10. K94


    Yeah this is a banger- the verses are slightly clunky in parts but that chorus just soars.
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  11. Icy


    Body shape Coca Cola
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  12. Video now out. Elevates the song from a 10 to an 11, if only for the splits.
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  13. kal


    The instrumental break between the first chorus and second verse is a really welcome addition. I need this version on iTunes.

    Good Luck song title teased at the end.

    About Last Night - album title?
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  15. MB


    That video. Wow. Serving in every sense, those splits, those wigs, that guy.
    Her phone would definitely have been stolen.
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  16. BOP. Raye's all over it, the verses are purely her!
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  17. Video looks absolutely great, it's nothing groundbreaking but it goes along well with the song.

    Also there's a snippet of Good Luck at the end? I guess it's possibly the second single?
  18. The song is a bop but the lyrics are absolutely awful.
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  19. About Last Night - album title?
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  20. This is great! Can't wait to see her perform it live. I gave my High Expectations vinyl a spin last night and it is a really strong debut. Looking forward to what she does next.
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