Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

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I'm torn between this being super local & premature for her or... song of the year x
It's hard not to notice how Future Nostalgia it looks, from the Mugler fits to the disco-pop production. It doesn't feel too far removed from Hallucinate, especially with how the chorus swings in. She dances like Dua as well nn.

Overall, I think it misses the mark but the song is a disposable bop and I appreciate that she's clearly enjoying every moment of it.
He / Him / His
This is a lot of fun.

Not sure I’m quite at the level of praise I’ve seen but between S.G’s involvement, the Ru sample and a couple of the lyrical choices, it at least feels like some actual effort was put into launching the second era with it instead of the blueprint of the never ending first era.
I love that she dropped the gayest song on my birthday. What a generous queen! It’s very High Expectations Nostalgia but I love it regardless.

But seriously, SG Lewis can do no wrong and he always comes through with the bops. It’s so satisfying being a fan of his.
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