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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. LOL is the next filmed?
  2. Diabolical.
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  3. Polydor wants to drop her so badly that they are willing to fund the wrong song on the album so she is guaranteed not to get a hit from this era.
  4. I haven't really checked her out too much aside from the odd song here and there over the years, so I'm unaware of any label drama or what fans aren't vibing with... but I really liked this? It feels blatantly inspired by Future Nostalgia, and the artwork is giving old school PC Music, which just feeds into my fantasy of this being a soundtrack to a Disney TV movie about a pop star even more.
  5. No cap, I'm a dime piece
    Top, top tier, baby, realize

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  6. LOL only exists to recreate some semblance of Ring Ring… but this album is such a half hearted effort. Which is insane because some of the production choices are really interesting… something really did not gel here.
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  7. 'Let Love Go' deserved the video treatment a la 'Levitating', but make it a Mabel fantasy.
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  8. LOL sounds laser-focus-grouped to the point of sounding completely braindead.
  9. LOL is absolutely the right choice for the next single. In fact, given the situation that she's currently in, it's the only choice. It almost certainly won't do anything, but none of the other album tracks would stand a chance (which isn't to say they're bad, just not hits.)
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  10. OK on repeated plays I absolutely love this album and everyone in my friend group I sent it to today did too. They released it at the right time in the peak of summer because this kinda music just doesn't hit in the winter.
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  11. I really really love 'Shy'. A bop!
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  12. At least 70% of the LOL chorus is RAYE. With seven credits on the album, she's giving Ashanti but Mabel is not giving J Lo.
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  13. God, I think this album has even less personality than High Expectations, which is... probably the most impressive thing about it. It's all so dull. H&M dance music on autopilot. I thought this was going to be as over-the-top gay and camp as Let Them Know, but it's nowhere close. Heartbreak on Hold is a masterpiece compared to this.

    I don't fully regret buying the signed pink vinyl because I know Ms. Girl is going to need the sales, but Let Them Know and Overthinking are the only 2 songs I see myself ever returning to. Mess!

    "So... about last night~..." Mabel, luv, in this case, let's just forget about it...
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  14. Justice for the solo version of Let Love Go! And that acoustic performance of Overthinking proves Mabel's vocal prowess. Shame the era will be marred by the endlessly floppy campaign, but this is easily a top 5 2022 album for me.
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  15. At this point I wonder where her career will go next? The album itself is nothing groundbreaking, she won't score another big hit unless is some faceless collaboration and probably will part ways with Polydor after this campaign is over. She definitely has it in herself to deliver top-notch material though.
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  16. She would need her own Ray of Light moment. But do you even get a Ray of Light moment in pop music in 2022?
  17. Honestly it's giving me Eliza Doolittle's second album right now. I guess it depends on whether the label is willing to give up on years of investment and spit her out yet. We will probably see a string of dance collabs before she goes independent. She has nepotism on her side, she'll be fine.
  18. kal


    Huh, it seems like the second charge was refunded but I haven’t heard anything back from support.
  19. Brilliant album! Just what I need in the sunshine.
  20. I like that we've had songs this year called 'LOL' and 'Yuck'.
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