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Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. OK, I came to this realization yesterday--it does feel very On Your Radar (but I can't put my finger on how exactly). It's not a bad thing to be a Saturdays album--it feels polished and a solid body of work, although feels a bit like it's chasing trends. Quality is there and you enjoy listening to it beginning to end, but is seems like she went on vacation for too long and released it a bit late.
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  2. Well, in true The Saturdays fashion, it appears Mabel has jetted off on holiday a whole two weeks after her album's release, dd.
  3. kal


    Well the album campaign was exhausting.
  4. I cannot get enough of Definition

    Cause I'm the definition of a good girl, bad bitch
    Nothing like your average, something like a savage
    Look no further, I'm the definition of legendary
    Check your dictionary, you'll see me

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  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I live for the relentless boppery of the first four songs, but I Love Your Girl is the one.
  6. The chorus of I Love Your Girl is very Frankie + Vanessa/Mollie.
  7. Has ‘LOL’ done…anything? Ddd
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  8. Flopped.
  9. I think calling it a lost Saturdays album kind of sums up the problem, because nothing they did ever had the slightest identity either.
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  10. It's at #84 on Apple Music in the UK.

  11. Cause I'm the definition of aaaAaaaaaAaaaaAaa
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  12. Animal
    Let Them Know
    Good Luck
    Let Love Go
    Crying on the Dancefloor
    I Love Your Girl
    I Wish

    Pure Pop Boppery at its best!
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  13. Apologies if this was already known or had been posted.

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  14. We’ve suspected that they’ve been managing her for about a month, but it was only officially announced today.
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  15. Can't believe it's been a month since the revelatory concept album was thrust upon us and changed society's values!
  16. This is a great album. I'm deleting LOL and When The Party's Over and keeping the rest.

    Overthinking and Love Your Girl are the ones at the moment.
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  17. kal


    The way High Expectations had both a proper intro, and an outro. The way they only added an intro to About Last Night, because they knew they’d eventually start adding extra tracks onto it, and didn’t wanna mess up the track list.

    A concept.
  18. I love LOL lol
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  19. I actually don't see any tracks being added dd. This feels done.
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  20. I Love Your Girl is a basic faceless bop, but a stone cold bop nonetheless.
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