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Mabel - Fine Line (feat. Not3s) - OUT NOW

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. So Fine Line (which is fuckin sublime) has made me discover this Ivy to Roses EP.

    Holy mother of God.

    We are not worthy. What an absolutely gorgeous selection of songs. Passonfruit is a jam.
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  2. Enough about @kal tho.
  3. Sis...please tell me you know this is a cover.
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  4. I thought the whole mixtape was all original material and had never heard the song before.

    Come at me huns.
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  5. It's a Yaeji original
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  6. She posted a picture of her and Not3s and tagged it Nob3l... super group?!
  7. She mentioned that they have more material together.. or that they plan on releasing more material together.

    The new Ja Rule partnership.
  8. My Lover and Fine Line are giant bops and he seems like a super chill dude, why not.
  9. My Lover is perfectly OK and nothing more but Fine Line is an absolute megabop. So excited to dive into her EP.
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  10. I love Fine Line. It would have made a killer All Saints single.
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  11. But we want the song to reach more than 667 people.
  12. Red Flag sold nearly 10k in its first week though.

  13. To 5.000 Little Shelltoes, who have been anticipating for years. Fine Line looks like it will be a genuine hit.
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  14. She’s cracked the top 10 on iTunes now. Great to see her doing well.
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  15. I play Fine Line so much that my boyfriend won't stop singing it... or, "dancing on a FIYAHHHH!" as he says. This is the same guy who loved "Jeepers Creepers".
  16. I almost told her 'I love Finish Line' when I met her ddd.
  17. Scream!

    Poor Yasmin.
  18. Reminds me of the time I met Ellie Goulding and told her how much I love Anything Is Possible.
  19. An acoustic version of My Lover came out Friday:

    A couple of remixes also appeared earlier.

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear Low Key at the supermarket the other day.
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