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Mabel - General Discussion (+ BRIT WINNER)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Seeing her in March! Really excited!
  2. I always root for her but the performance last night was not it.. the themeing and staging did not work, it gave me daz sampson teenage life vibes. Vocals were weak especially at the start. I wish this could have been a moment for her
  3. Her smile was so contagious here. Aside from the clearly mimed third pre-chorus, very proud of her.
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  4. Yeah the performance was just okay when it needed to be amazing. And we've seen this same performance 3-4 times now? Needed to be a Mad Love / God Is A Dancer / Don't Call Me Up medley with some Es Devlin magic.
  5. I know it's 600 copies but

    Album: High Expectations

    #38 United Kingdom (+570)
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  6. The album is on around 90k I believe, should pass Gold within the next few months. Not bad when you consider Don't Call Me Up benefitted the mixtape rather than the album (why they did this I'll never understand dd).
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  7. Probably because there was no album planned until Don't Call Me Up smashed dd
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  8. That style of choreography just doesn’t work for Mabel. Correct that and she would deliver better performances.
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  9. I hope Finders Keepers is on the next album xx

  10. Big 'I miss Billie Piper' energy xx
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Underrated. She did good.
  12. She’s still got a lot of work to do performance wise but she’s got time, she’ll get there look at Dua now.
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  13. Can't wait for Talk About Forever to smash in 2021 xx
  14. This won't go down well.....but Mabel is the most random Best British Female Brit award ever. It must be a very quiet year.
  15. K94


    I missed this yesterday but the production is incredible - like serious late 90s/early 00s awards performance vibes.

    Overall she did decent but she did struggle with the falsetto in the pre-chorus and sometimes her moves come across a bit self-conscious and wooden. She'll definitely improve though - it was fun!
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  16. At least she looked like she enjoyed it.
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  17. It's not that random, she was the best selling one nationally and globally out of the five nominated.
  18. Can't wait to see her in a week and a half!
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