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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Ok but
  2. It’s a banger! Yes Mabel!

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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is fire.
  4. I think this was actually co-written by Kamille.

    I'm really liking this song. The sound suits her and actually suits her aesthetic for a change.
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Yes she sounds so good on this! I'd definitely be here for a garage inspired album from Mabel.

    Katy B would sound so good on this too.
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  6. Well damn this goes off. I wouldn't mind a garage album from her.
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  7. Yeah this is a bop and will definitely be a hit. Mabel was starting to lose me after Boyfriend but THIS is more like it and more in line with her older stuff .
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  8. 3Xs


    Oh wow I was just making a garage-inspired playlist too - great timing Mabes!
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  9. I’m just so happy to have something that doesn’t sound like Don’t Call Me Up V7.0
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  10. Yas Garage, i'm ready for it's fourth revival.
  11. This might be climbing to one of my favourite songs of the year.
  12. She finally managed to depress the Autopilot button. This is so much better than everything she released since Don't Call Me Up.

    The fact that I can already picture my barber bopping to this while Capital plays this for 32nd time in 24 hours. They have a smash on their hands.
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  13. kal


    This just keeps getting better with every listen.

    2020 garage revival gonna be lit!
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  14. Love the song and I love her - please let this be a branch out from those same sounding bops; she does garage really well!
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  15. I love the garage sound, and I’m glad it’s not just a rehash of Don’t Call Me Up even if I did enjoy Mad Love and Boyfriend.
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  16. Yeah, this is huge. She did absolutely all she could with that afrobeats sound and I've been itching for a pop girl to revive garage properly.
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  17. Wait, they actually added this to High Expectations dddd mess.
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  18. The way High Expectations is eventually going to be the best selling album ever because every song she appears on they just add it and she never releases another album... she's playing the long game. Her mind.
  19. Ddd the album is coming for 50 tracks soon.
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