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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Whole acoustic album? It would do while I'm waiting for more new music.
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  2. An acoustic album? JoJo really does stay inspiring the girls huh?! But honestly, what is the point of this, especially when the album came out a year ago and most of the songs are held up by the production?
  3. Most if not all of the singles have acoustic versions already don’t they? Hopefully these are all newly recorded ones.
  4. kal


    I only have one question: who asked for this?
  5. Praying she recorded Not Sayin.
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  6. The fact they've been looking for Don't Call ME Up 2 when Not Sayin has existed all this time... madness.
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  7. Bad Behaviour and Not Sayin are two of her very best songs. BB has respectable streams but they way they paid Not Sayin dust...
  8. West Ten is a banger
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  9. The way she keeps churning out bops while relentlessly frankensteining her album, talent!
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  10. Not too bad - at least it has new vocal takes, including the songs that had acoustic versions previously released. I'm a sucker for acoustics...
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why does she keep doing Not Sayin' so wrong.
  12. I wish they would have at least tacked on the other acoustic tracks she'd done and done a better cover because this one is dreadful!

    Maybe they're saving it for the eventual re-release...
  13. I've just bought the album in the HMV sale, as was looking for something new to listen to.

    I've heard a couple of the tracks on the radio and enjoyed them. What can I expect from the whole album, and are there any highlights I should listen out for?
  14. she really has one of her best songs as a bonus track ...
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  15. All 3 photos would’ve been better covers:

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  16. Happy one-year anniversary to High Expectations!

  17. The fact that she's put out so many variations of the album that it can have about 5 one year anniversaries...
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