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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Not Fine Line ending up in my Release Radar because of one of those dumb compilation EPs...

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  2. Did it sound like a slightly different mix to you?
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  3. I didn't listen to it. I'm not rewarding this behaviour dd.
  4. Not me seeing this thread pop-up only assuming Mabel has attached some new random song to High Expectations again. At least she popped-up for a compilation this time.

    Honestly, kind of missing getting constant output from her even though she was gaming the system.
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  5. kal


    She’s been teasing that she’s working on new music, but I wouldn’t expect anything new soon.
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  6. I hope Red Flag doesn’t get orphaned. I’m intrigued to know what the studio version will sound like.

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  7. She released a new playlist / compilation thing on April 1st after being quiet for a while.

    I mean, it's the same songs, but it's something.
  8. I'm sick of those playlist EP's.
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  10. West Ten just went platinum in the UK:

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  11. Just listened to My Boy My Time for the first time in months — a slapper of a song. Need more like that from her.
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  12. Her sister Tyson just released a really great debut EP.

    Whilst not a complete sonic parallel, I'd really recommend Tyson to anyone yearning for Mabel's early sound.
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  13. Each time I click into this thread I brace myself for a new track being added to Mad Love.

    This is somehow worse.
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  14. The album was called High Expectations not Mad Love ddd.
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  15. Scream!
  16. kal


    Let me quickly answer some burning questions from the first couple of pages of this thread.

    @Vasilios here’s the Buffalo Stance baby you were asking about.

    Also, @Dennis here's what happened with Panes:
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  17. kal


    And in other news, I’ve just found a couple of new songs registered at ASCAP.

    Toy is written solely by Mabel.
    Take it Home is co-written with Ryan Tedder.
    There’s also one called Lover in Motion written by Tang Martin.
    And another one called Nobody’s Girlfriend.
  18. Pisces Problems (the track) is SO good...
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  19. I need this now! I hope it’ll be Joel’s follow-up to BED!

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  20. I'm ready for her Future Nostalgia (in the sense that her first era feels like a scattered delayed mess that finally produced a big hit followed by more scattered releases). Maybe the Joel song will be her One Kiss.
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