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Mabel - God is a Dancer / High Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Is there any particular reason that Not Sayin' was used as a bonus track and lumped with all the old singles? It's a fucking bop.

    I'm not sayin' yes I'm not sayin'

    I'm not sayin' yes I'm not sayin'

    I'm not sayin' yes I'm not sayin'

    I'm not sayin yes I'm not sayin'

  2. Have you tell Mabel which your top3 songs on the album are?
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  3. That's a fan account so
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  4. Kii
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  5. Replied yesterday!
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  6. Sis why are you here go to Peppa album thread
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  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    GUESS WHAT HENNIES I played this in-store today and sold 2!

    I started up a conversation with one buyer and I said 'she's so great, Neneh Cherry's her mum' and they went 'who'?

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  8. Betty Boo fan confirmed.
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  9. I hate that I laughed at this.
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  10. Track by track descriptions/explanations of High Expectations:

    Interviews this week:

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  11. I (finally) did the thing:
    Graphic design is my passion
  12. Harry Styles clickbait in 2019?
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  13. Not Sayin' is honestly single material. They cray.
  14. Gorgeous. What a missed opportunity. I despise the actual cover, but am still proudly displaying the vinyl in my apartment.
  15. Is OK (Anxiety Anthem) the next single?
  16. kal


  17. Not Sayin' should be next.
    It's also what Katy Puthy wanted to try with Small Talk but failed.

  18. No 3!

    No 1 without smelly males.
  19. Really pleased for her. I hope they can get sales up a bit with a couple more singles. The album is less consistent for me than Ivy to Roses but there are some potential smashes left. OK (Anxiety Anthem) isn't my personal favourite but it's catchy and hugely topical so could be a moment for her. Put Your Name On It, We Don't Say, Bad Behaviour and Not Sayin are all single worthy, too.
  20. kal


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