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Mabel - God is a Dancer / High Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Plus loads of acts don't have any actual hits and still have a loyal following who know all their stuff by heart. The days of 'if it didn't go top 40 you're a flop' Are thankfully over.
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  2. Mad Love has avoided ACR this week and is up to 12 in the midweeks.
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  3. Gave this a stream for the first time today and it's a very solid album. Many a bop to be bopped to, some nice little ballads and all in an enjoyable body of work.
  4. It's going to be interesting what she does next. Mad Love is still very steady, and climbing the charts in some countries in Europe.

    I think for her to have another hit from this album they will probably remix one of the tracks for a single release. With the type of video and muted announcement (and reception) it got, I don't see them going ahead with OK.
  5. Stckhlm Syndrome is probably my favourite song on this album and it’s a damn interlude it’s so stunning I wish it was longer !
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  7. kal


    I finally received my CD. It’s actually surprising to see a jewel case - most of the recent albums I bought physically have been digipacks. And while the booklet is great, the choice to make the thank you notes unreadable is a choice.
  8. I was vinyl shipping the other day and grabbed the CD while waiting to check out. The booklet text is way too small and difficult to read in most places. I read the first time bit of the thank you's and just decided to save my poor, old eyes.

    Just finished giving it a listen. Definitely not a track I would skip! I've been playing all of her videos at the bar I work at since Thinking Of You. Most of my music listening is done at work on a loud system. It was nice to throw this in my discman and hear it in nice headphones. The songs I knew already sounded very different from what I'm used to. Immediate favorites are We Don't Say... & Not Sayin'.
  9. She’s released a little EP on iTunes, which doesn’t seem to be on Spotify yet


    1. Just a Friend
    2. OK (Anxiety Anthem) [Stripped Version]
    3. Made Love (Stripped Version)
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  11. Wait I just heard Bop Sayin’
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  12. Bop bop bop
  13. kal


    I’m screaming!

    I ordered the CD through her official store and I just noticed someone wrote on the back side of the receipt a very specific phrase related to where I live and a local artist who uses it. The person who packaged my CD is Bulgarian. Small world!
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  14. Aziz fans
  15. Urban Outfitters exclusive blue vinyl is now available in the UK (it was previously exclusive to the US).
    She's shown more of her personality in this interview than she ever has before.
    The fact that she's actually self-aware about it too, I am shocked.
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  16. adz


    *cut to Know Me Better as the credits roll*
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  17. Yeah that interview is lovely. I think these days without magazines and without TV promo there's no way to know pop stars better. Maybe if she starts a Youtube series or does Gogglebox, or a Celebrity reality TV show?
  18. I don't know. Plenty of pop stars express their personality well through Instagram & Twitter.
    Even in radio interviews I just don't get any sense of attachment to her? But there's clearly a really likeable person there judging on that interview.
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  19. She has anxiety and hates social media. And I love her all the more for it.
  20. She does plenty of Instagram lives & stories - still you wouldn't glean she is the same person in that article.
    Anxiety could of course be a factor but she doesn't seem nervous/shy? And introverts often shine on Twitter.

    Not trying to be overly critical, it's just interesting.
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