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Mabel - High Expectations (ALBUM - August 2)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Mad Love is cute, but not as good as most of her previous singles, but I still use for bop purposes. Looking forward to the album.
  2. How different is this new tracklisting?
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  3. It seems like it is the same tracklist from two months ago:

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  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    So we basically have just 8 new songs to hear, if the outro/intro are basically interludes as well. Fml indeed. I'm remaining optimistic but only just!
  5. @kal must know

    In other news Mad Love is off to a good start in the UK and cute in the US while charting almost in every big market:

    Mad Love
    #15 United Kingdom
    #495 United States

    #24 United Kingdom
    #167 United States

    #6 United Kingdom

    Apple Music:
    #16 United Kingdom
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  6. kal


    It’s the same track list. The change of release date is probably due to her promo schedule. Perhaps she has been given a great opportunity that she didn’t want to pass up?

    Low key I think they’re gonna launch the album with OK (Anxiety Anthem) and I’m high key here for it because it would be a welcome change from all these bops.
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  7. The track lengths are on iTunes - appears that they’re all under 2:30 (the longest being the outro). I don’t know if you included Not Sayin’ in your count (that’s another new track on the deluxe edition).
  8. Christ.
  9. This album is very optimized for streaming then... Now add 10 more short tracks on it.
  10. Stockholm Syndrome is 2:25 so basically a full song. Lucky is 1:14, the intro is 1:27 and outro is 2:25.

    We also have Not Sayin' on the deluxe.
  11. I totally wrote that wrong - I meant in terms of the interlude lengths.
    Seems like all the tracks are around 3:30 on average.
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  12. 8? Aren't there 10 new songs? Not counting Mad Love, DCMU and the intro/outro, there are 10 new songs, no?
    Edit: ah, never mind, there are two more interludes. Jesus, why so many???
  13. 2014

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    I didn't even think about bonus tracks ddd.
  14. OK (Anxiety Anthem) sounds like a locals-pandering Anne-Marie/Ed Sheeran nightmare. Stick to the bops.
  15. Mad Love's video has somehow done 10M views in less than a week? Queen of the algorithm.
  16. Why is her music becoming more and more faceless?
  17. Mad Love is a fun little bop, albeit painfully basic. It feels like an album track that is clearly filler but still knocks nonetheless.

    MNEK has produced Anxiety Anthem IIRC I think I saw him mention it on Twitter. So I wonder what that’s gonna sound like.
  18. kal


    “I just love that the chorus is like a repeat line, just the like all night give me mad love

    “I wanted to make a music video that didn’t have too much narrative”

    These are not things I expected to ever hear from Mabel, but werq I guess, sis.

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  19. Because she sold her soul to Spotifry.
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  20. She performed it when I saw her live in December and from what I remember, it wasn't nearly as on-the-nose as the title makes it seem.
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