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Mabel - High Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. She just won Best Newcomer at the O2 Silver Clefs.
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  3. Two plagues and Mabel.
  4. For what it's worth, Ed Sheeran's pop girl output has always been quite good (Your Song for Rita, Woman Like Me for Jess/Little Mix, Don't Let Me Be Yours for Zara) so I wouldn't be against it personally
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  5. Literally only Your Song is good?
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  6. I came in to post this.

    This is tea though.
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  7. We like Sam now, post-Promises/drunk faguette at the BRITS. Two queens and a plague.
  8. We like... maybe 'we don't hate' because Promises and Dancing were good and she served at the Brits, but still wanna see if the smaltz is like 80% of the new album.
  9. Why do like half the criticisms aimed at her about "selling out" sound like people projecting their fandom for her mother onto her?
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  10. Sam and Normani did that. Just keep Ed out.
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  11. Just got tickets to see her next month and I am very excited. The venue is about a 500 person capacity, so I hope she can sell it out in the coming weeks! (I just checked the facebook event for the show and there are a whopping total of 28 people attending, and 101 interested).
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  12. I can understand people who stan Know You Better and My Boy My Town feeling a bit disillusioned with the relentless boppery of late (not that it particularly bothers me)...

    ...but Thinking Of You is right at the bottom of the quality pile in my opinion... drag me...
  13. Only Liverpool & Newcastle are yet to sell out.
    If the ticketing system was a bit more straight forward they probably would have by now.
  14. I am in Toronto, so definitely not expecting a sell out.
  15. Oh - totally forgot she was doing that US tour!
    Assumed you meant the HMV promo one.
  16. New song Bad Behaviour is out July 26th. It’s a dancehall influenced track according to a reliable insider on ATRL.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Another single before the album? Girl.
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  18. Bad Behaviour went off when I saw her last year so I'm hyped.
  19. My favourite when I saw her on tour too so I’m perched.
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