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Mabel - High Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. But is it better than Louisa's magnum opus?
  2. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Best Behaviour but make it bad.

    (And I doubt it dddd)
  3. UK & Europe tour in... 2020
    Busy queen!

  4. kal


    I was just digging through ASCAP et al, and found Mabel has a writing credit on this.

    New entries:

    Any Man
    Ashley (?), Mabel McVey, MNEK, Oscar Scheller

    Bad Behaviour
    Dre Skull, Mabel McVey, Marlon Roudette

    Sarah Aarons, Warren Felder, Mabel McVey, Kelly Richardson, Marlon Roudette

    High Expectations (Intro)
    Joel Compass, Tre Jean-Marie, Mabel McVey

    High Expectations (Outro)
    Joel Compass, Tre Jean-Marie, Mabel McVey

    I Belong To Me
    Mabel McVey, James Napier

    Mabel McVey, Jordan Riley, Marlon Roudette

    Mad Love
    Steve Mac, Mabel McVey, Camille Purcell

    Nobody's Girlfriend
    Trevor Brown, Kelly Kiara, Torin Martinez, Mabel McVey, William Simmons

    Not Enough
    Carey (?), Mabel McVey, Oscar Scheller

    Not Sayin'
    Mabel McVey, Kelly Richardson, Alexander Shuckburgh

    MNEK, Maria Hazell, Mabel McVey

    Say It First
    Farquason (?), Kelly Kiara, Jordan Reid, Oscar Scheller

    Stockholm Syndrome
    Maxwell Bidstrup, James David, Oliver Dickinson, Mabel McVey, Kelly Richardson

    Anthony Hannides, Lewis Allen, Mabel McVey, Michael Hannides

    We Don't Say
    Maxwell Bidstrup, James David, Oliver Dickinson, Mabel McVey, Kelly Richardson
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  5. kal


    Not Enough (above) is a damn bop!

    It’s funny that even animated Mabel dances awkwardly.

    Acoustic Mad Love:
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  6. 2014

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    Mad Love has grown on me but imma need this album to be STUNNING.
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  7. The last two singles have been legit bops. Really hope she will deliver with this album!
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  8. kal


  9. Oh wow! Didn't expect that early drop.
  10. Bad Behaviour definitely popped off more live.
    I'm still aggressively bopping though.
  11. It's ok - I feel like it's in the same vein as the other two songs but pales in comparison.

    I wasn't listening to Beats 1 but apparently she said the video was shot at TRNSMT - so I guess this is it in the back of this promo:
  12. Bad Behaviour is fantastic! I love the icy synth pads in the background.
  13. Best Behaviour is cute, but far from the heights of her previous bops.
  14. Sadly yes. I’m sad.
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  15. Bad Behaviour is just a mediocre filler.
  16. This is likely Ryan Ashley, MNEK's friend/oft co-writer.
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    The cover art......
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  18. It wouldn’t have hurt to even use some outtakes from the album cover. Clearly the Mad Love art was done around the same time?

    The song is meh, got to love when labels interfere to the point where they wedge promising acts into a corner.
  19. I think they were going for a Dua vibe

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