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Mabel - “Let Them Know” + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Garage is great but not popular outside the UK, they are trying to make her big worldwide I think.
  2. RMK


    Also... These Dua comparisons. The throwback route with the song is definitely in the same vein as Future Nostalgia, and the blonde styling for a second era also aligns. But these aren't pages out of Dua's playbook, these are moves out of popstars at large. Changing your style for an era isn't anything new, it just so happens that Dua was the last successful popstar to do it.

    None of it goes deeper than that.
  3. I don't follow Fashion Nova, IG Influencers or white people hair trends so I guess so!

    However I did put a foot note on my post saying that it could be purely coincidence or her just following current trends but I guess you missed that part.
  4. ...with a song that samples RuPaul?

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  5. I do love that whoever at her label subbed the video has no clue what the hell Game of Thrones is since the line got subbed as "you can call me Kelis" instead of "you can call me Khaleesi".

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  6. There are some points the label intern has made.
  7. ñn I thought she said Caprice.
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  8. Thanks for these, I'm obsessed and living my 1999 Blues & Soul magazine fantasy!
  9. Does the song actually sample Ru or is this another PopJustice joke I missed
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  10. There’s nothing on Wikipedia that says it’s does but the start of the song definitely sounds like Supermodel of the World
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  11. BTG


    If Ru isn’t already getting coin for this, he’ll definitely be getting some by the time the album rolls around.

    I’m admiring the sheer hustle in trying to appeal exclusively to the gays. The Khaleesi line is very “Do the cigs still stan Daenerys in 2021?”
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  12. ADM


    Why is the "baby your that, baby your that" bit reminding me of another song? I can't put my finger on it.
  13. I think there are two samples/plagiarisms at play. The Supermodel instrumental but also the "baby you're that" vocal sounds lifted from a more recent RuPaul song that I can't put my finger on. I'm sure it's just Mabel's voice pitched down though. They were probably listening to some sort of Drag Race playlist in the studio and got... inspired.
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  14. BTG


    The “baby you’re that” is just the melody of “on the runway”, no? It reminds me of the Skeltal Ki mix of Supermodel in particular.
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  15. Dont see the similarity with Dua,
    Her sound is more retro, 90s inspired,
    This isn’t and it’s far more camp,
    Unapologetically camp.
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  16. If she was going to take inspiration from Ru, it should have been Lady Cowboy.
  17. You can literally sing the chorus of 'Hallucinate' over this so
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  18. No you can't.

    The Dua comparisons are pretty boring. Yes I'm sure she was an inspiration, they took a similar route to this point and she's the biggest female popstar right now. But the song itself is way more camp and the aesthetic is typical Mabel.

    And even despite (or because of!) that awful second verse, the song is delicious. It goes harder with every play. The middle 8 is that bitch.

    Happy to just enjoy this unapologetically gay lead single moment without overanalysis!
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  19. Well Ru is used to stealing iconic songs himself, so I hope Mabel isn't forced to credit or pay him a thing.
  20. Yes you can.
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