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Mabel - “Let Them Know” + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Hmmm… sounds more than a little like Roll Deep & Jodie Connor’s ‘Good Times’.

    Was hoping she’d progressed beyond these dance features by now and would be releasing something with more identity.
  2. She had an identity with her early R&B bops, but lost that when she went full pop girl.
  3. I pretend Ivy to Roses was her first album.
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  4. Sounds like a smash to me.
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  5. A megabop then.
  6. The Daily Mail says she’s signed on to be a judge along with Craig David on Simon Cowell’s new music talent show ‘walk the line.’ with Maya Jama hosting.
    Could be a good gig for her and to exploit for promo when she needs to.
    Mabel 'in talks to be a judge on new show Walk The Line'
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It sounds like…. a Joel Corry song.

    And a Becky Hill song ddd
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  8. That chorus topline's crazy catchy though!
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Not this.
  10. kal


    I'm fortunate enough to own the original (definitive) version on CD. It totally is her first album.
  11. Oh no, already
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  12. It's a no for me
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  13. Mabel when sugagays ask for more my hun my province sad girl jams.
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  14. I haven't liked anything i've heard from Joel Corry to be honest. I don't hear what y'all hear.
  15. I didn't get Joel Corry until I saw this tiktok and I got it.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    While Joel Corry songs do bop, all their melodies sound like they’re ripped from other, better songs?? I feel like only Head & Heart has got lasting power, everything else has been pretty forgettable.
  17. Bed and Out Out have been nearly as big?
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  18. WHY is this baby Jesy and Christina Aguilera?
  19. “Lonely” still slaps! I might even rate it above “Head & Heart”.
  20. Look at the Spotty streams beb. This ain't true!

    Wasn't Head & Heart an EU smash and the others UK locals only?
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