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Mabel - “Let Them Know” + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Me after hearing the song three times:
  2. Okay she didn’t come to play with that video, hopefully she took a note from Dua’s book this era and is going to serve when she performs this live as well

    Also I feel like the album might be called “About Last Night” ? Maybe it’s just me being a conspiracist but it was in the video multiple times
  3. Isn’t About Last Night just huns posting last nights pics when they’re home to their WiFi so they don’t use up data when out dd. A title.
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  4. Just to clarify, the doors opening for you doesn’t mean you don't still have to do the work once you're on the other side. I'm not suggesting at all that her success is entirely down to her parents.
  5. Uno


    God, I'm stupid.

    I thought she meant her body was shaped like a coke can, not bottle. I was wondering why the hell she would make that comparison?
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  6. It's immense.

    The "Say so like I'm Doja" line got me like:

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  7. Okay I really like this song! Not massively taken by the verse, but the chorus does what it necessary. A good start to the new era.
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  8. Us in 2025 when songs are 60 seconds long and only go verse-chorus ddd
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  9. At first I thought this sampled “Supermodel” by RuPaul ddd she said “ima make something for the cigs”
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  10. It… does.
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  11. kal


    You joke, but this is legit where we’re headed.
  12. It’s true!! I laughed but it really is the future!! I hate it!
  13. RMK


    Seems like her Spotify placement is good. I could see this being a hit in the UK. It seems like maybe the US ship has sailed, at least for this one.
  14. This is going to be a drag queen staple this summer isn't it? What a BOP! Mabs ain't coming to play.
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  15. I mean, they’re not credited on Spotify, so I’m not sure...
  16. If this is a hit, we'll really witness the post-Future Nostalgia impact... because if any girl released this in 2018 it would tank (hi Louisa).
  17. I admire her willingness to attach her name to literally any old shite.
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  18. Tierra Whack did it first:
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  19. And it was better than any other project in 2018. Less can be more!
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  20. Justice for YES.
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